Monday, July 16, 2018

What the Bee is to the Floweret

What the Bee Is To the Floweret by Thomas Moore
What the bee is to the floweret,
When he looks for honey-dew,
Through the leaves that close embower it,
That, my love, I'll be to you.

She. --

What the bank, with verdure glowing,
Is to waves that wander near,
Whispering kisses, while they're going,
That I'll be to you, my dear.

She. --

But they say, the bee's a rover,
Who will fly, when sweets are gone,
And, when once the kiss is over,
Faithless brooks will wander on.

He. --

Nay, if flowers will lose their looks
If sunny banks will wear away,
'Tis but right that bees and brooks
Should sip and kiss them, while they may.


Kelly said...

Happy birthday, Marion! I'm saying special blessings for you on this, your special day.


Marion said...

Thank you, Kelly!!!!! I appreciate you so much! Love & hugs. xo

Snowbrush said...

What a beautiful flower--is it a maypop?

Marion said...

Snow, this Passionflower (Passiflora) is often called maypop. Why, I have no idea! I call it an alien flower because it's so strange looking. But it grows like weeds here in the South as long as it has something to climb. The butterflies love it! xo

Snowbrush said...

It's called maypop because when you squeeze the fruit, it goes pop.