Thursday, October 15, 2015

Write Now

I wrote my first poem at age 14 with a cartridge pen.  It was a love poem and the start of a lifelong love affair with ink pens and poetry. I wrote for 20 years with Schaefer Cartridge Pens (still available at Hobby Lobby).  They're the pens on the right.  My best poems were written with the red one in blue ink.  Then I discovered German made Pelikan Fountain Pens. (On the left.) They're the best pen I've ever used.  The green Pelikan pen is a wide nib highlighter.  I highlight in advance reader copies of books that I get from Amazon and authors to review.  It's a blast to use.  I'm glad I saved and splurged on the Pelikan pens.  I plan to pass them down to my grandchildren.

There's also my little pink Japanese Tasche cartridge pen...It writes sweet Haiku.  xo

"You can't write poetry on the computer." ~Quentin Tarantino

When dragonflies leave
At autumn's first appearance---
Butterflies appear!  ~Marion


Kelly said...

I loved cartridge pens when I was a teenager, too! I still have one somewhere around here, but I'm actually more of a pencil person. :) I like "real" pencils AND mechanical ones, my favorite being the drafting pencil I used all through college. I still use it to work the crossword, cryptoquote, and Sudoku each morning.

Mama Zen said...

I love that Tarantino quote. For me, it's true. I have to write my poems in longhand first.

Marion said...

Kelly, I love mechanical pencils with dark lead for numbers and drawing. The bookkeeper in me hated sharpening pencils so much. LOL! xo

MZ, I love that you write in longhand. It's a dying art. My 3rd grade grandson uses an IPad at his school!!! He knows more about computers than I do. :-) xo