Friday, October 23, 2015

Beautiful Chaos By Robert M. Drake

        Beautiful Chaos By Robert M. Drake

           Black Butterfly By Robert M. Drake

Robert M. Drake began posting his simple, beautiful poetry on Instagram (@rmdrk) and has developed a huge following.  His fifth book, "A Brilliant Madness" is just out.  His poetry is pure soul and emotion...and highly addictive reading.  I have one of his books and can't wait to read his newest volume.

It's hot, dry, cloudy and muggy here in the swamps with rain predicted for the next few days as an after effect of Hurricane Patricia.  Everyone in the hurricane's path, please stay safe.

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"Poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance." ~Carl Sandburg

                         My Autumn Rose...

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Kelly said...

Oh my... that photo of the rose is stunning!

Not a name I'm familiar with, but I love the covers of the books you've shown.

We've been devastatingly dry, so I'm praying for some nice, gentle rain over the next few days. We've had .7" so far.