Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Prayer By Marion - For Magpie Tales #291

                                  For Magpie Tales #291

A Prayer
By Marion

Now I lay me
down to pray;
I clasp my hands
in bright moon rays.

I close my eyes
as if in sleep,
draw in a breath, then
gently leap

into the arms of
of God above
and quickly rest
inside His love.

I lie here like a 
small child curled, 
encompassed in
His trusting word

of faith & peace
known simply by
those many souls
that to Him cry...


Michael said...

Oh come now. Theres no competition here. Your poetry is beautiful

Marion said...

Thanks, Michael, but I still say you outdid me. LOL! xo

Kelly said...

Marion! I LOVE this!! You've perfectly captured the imagery of resting in God's love. I may have to print this out and save it so I can share it with others!

Marion said...

Awww, thank you, Kelly. Print away. I'm glad you like it. Tess's prompts often inspire me and get me to scribbling away. I appreciate you and her. Blessings, my friend!!! xo

Ankita said...

This is such a lovely, positive and cute poem! Prayer is the best relaxation in life :)

Marion said...

Thank you, Ankita. Yes, prayer is relaxing & uplifting. Thanks for stopping by! xo

brudberg said...

I think this is a beautiful