Friday, August 28, 2015

Heavenly Mother By Elaine Jarvis

Heavenly Mother
By Elaine Jarvis

God, I need to know,
do you have breasts?
And did you nurse creation
at your bosom?
Did you cradle it in newness---
tiny, fragile, wailing,
and feel the swell
of hopes and dreams
and Awe?
Did you, too, discover far too quickly
that to love someone you also must let go?

All my life, Lord,
I've known you as
and that has been okay
until today.

Today, as I carry
in my heart,
and fear,
and prayer,
the child I also carried in my womb,
I need you to be
my heavenly Mother.

I could not trust a God
who had not also
gazed with empty womb
upon the life she bore into existence
and asked,
"What more shall Love ask me to bear?"

From:  "Perhaps A Door - New and Selected a Poems" by Elaine Jarvis



Elaine Jarvis said...

Well, what a surprise to see this post today! Thank you for sharing and properly crediting my poem! And I love the "Divine Light" drawing you chose to accompany your post. Namaste, dear blogger friend!

Marion Lawless said...

Elaine!!! So happy to see you stopping by. I was perusing my poetry books and your book jumped off the shelf into my hands and I began re-reading it. I had this poem ear-marked and remembered how much I love it, so here it is. Love & Blessings!!! xo

Kelly said...

This is quite lovely...and quite thought-provoking.

Chrisy said...

evocative and wonderful .... thank you