Sunday, August 30, 2015

An Old Woman’s Painting By Lynn Emanuel

Bees left pollen tracks all over the Morning Glory.....

   The Zinnias and I are fading.... but anticipating Autumn

   The luminous Beautyberry Bushes are blooming.

The Chocolate Mint is flowering, feeding the butterflies...


An Old Woman’s Painting

By Lynn Emanuel

Scrape the sun from the wall of  the sky. 
Cast the great nets of  autumn over the houses. 
Even the throat of  the lily is a dangerous inlet. 

Let the world stand wearily on the stoop of  the jail 
of  the world and the light of  the mind, that small lamp, 
pearl of  shine, let the night come to it, as iron filings to a magnet, 

By T. E. Hulme

A touch of cold in the Autumn night—
I walked abroad,
And saw the ruddy moon lean over a hedge
Like a red-faced farmer.
I did not stop to speak, but nodded,
And round about were the wistful stars
With white faces like town children.


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Kelly said...

I have that beautyberry growing in my yard, too! My husband calls it "french mulberry", but I looked it up and it's all one and the same.

Quite pretty, isn't it!