Thursday, January 20, 2011

Song for Going to the Water, A Cherokee Poem & Moondancing by Marion

I took this photo last night while outside moonbathing under the full moon and admiring the jet stream along side it. I brought my largest cup and filled it until it overflowed with moonlight. I drank it, then howled at the moon. I did. Really.


Song for Going to the Water
~Cherokee Poem

If your heart is not well,
If your spirit is not well,
These words may help you.

Wake in the hour
just before dawn.
Wake in the hours
before first light.
Wake when the animals of the night
have ended their songs,
when the animals of the day
have not yet begun their songs.

Walk without words.
Follow the path
that leads to the stream.

Then, as the first light
touches the stream,
bend to the water,
speak these words:

"Long Person, I come to ask your help."

Then hold up
a cup of that water
and drink the dawn.

~From an old high school Literature Book.


I wrote this full moon poem in July of 2009 for my friend, Erin.

By Marion

There was I wearing just dragonflies
in my untamed, burgundy hair.
She all glistening, robed only in river silt,
shining just as fair.
Our skin glowing uncannily,
lit from within and without,
arms outstretched, heads thrown back
as we twirled and pranced about.
Faces upturned, filled with rapture as
round and round we whirled---
lost in the moonlady’s ecstasy,
entranced in our own dream-world.

Some said it were fairies dancing
up under the stars that night---
Crazed and drunk from the river reflecting
the full moon’s shimmering light.
But me and my friend knew better,
t’was our spirits’ mystical meeting,
celebrating the poetry of rivers and
the feel of the full moon’s heart beating.



Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

You've got me swooning to dance in the moonlight with you, Marion!

Wonderful stuff!

(And I see I wasn't the only one out photographing the full moon, despite the clouds!)

Kass said...

Your poem is fanciful and full of wonder. I like it.

I like the Indian poem too. Your moon photo is beautiful.

Let's face it, I just really liked your post.

Ruth said...

This is magical, mystical, and so very lovely. I like the Cherokee: walk without words. And then there you are, wearing just dragonflies in your untamed, burgundy hair. This is full of lyrical language and beautiful imagery, Marion. Wonderful.

Kelly said...

I love your moondancing poem, Marion. It's so "YOU"!! (and I have no doubt you howled at the moon) :)

You take beautiful evening photos!

Cold and wet here to the north of you. Boo. Hiss.

Kay said...

'full moon's heart beating'...

as a whole, enchanting!

you are one pure spirit, dear.

Literalia said...

I am very impressed with your poetic style. I kindly request you grant me to publish your poem in our International Poetry Competition.
It will be a pleasure to have your participation.
I await your response:
Arturo Juárez Muñoz

Phoenix said...

Both of these poems are beautiful! I love the idea of spirits mystically meeting (and you howling at the moon, your cup running over with moonlight.)

Fantastic images!

rosaria said...

So glad you shared both of these, the experience of the Indians with moonlight and water, and your experience, your friendship with another fairy soul.
Glad to know both of you.

Woman in a Window said...

Holy nice invitation, Marion!

I remember this poem, Marion, and love it every bit as much today as then. The moon was a real hound with me last night. Had me pawing the ground and foaming at the mouth. Truly, I got a little crazy. And then for no good reason a smoke detector went off at 3:30 am (was laying on a desk - not even on the ceiling - and there was not a whiff of smoke - I know 'cause I was up the rest of the night) and the moon would not let me sleep again. As I came out of my bedroom this morning it met me in my upstairs hall and then it followed me downstairs. I swear, if it coulda, it woulda pulled my hair.

The Cherokee poem is advice I wouldn't mind following, know what I mean?


Sue J said...

Love your Song. This is definitely the best time of day.

Terresa said...

Lovely ode to Erin, and the Cherokee poem, "walk without words" and the last stanza, drinking the dawn, both poems are mystical, effortlessly poetic. Thank you for both.

ds said...

It was a beautiful moon last night, Marion, and these are beautiful poems.I love the "message" of the Cherokee, and the imagery of yours. I can see you moondancing with just dragonflies in your hair "and the full moon's heart beating."

Lovely, all of it (I'm glad that you howled; it seems right, in a way). Thank you.

Laurie said...

Writing a poem for a dear friend is something special, indeed. I've only done it twice in my life. Yours is lovely.