Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Best Thing About August Is September

August has crept in on the heels of July's magnificent full Blue Moon wearing as little as possible.  Must be the heat. I place containers of water all around the yard to grow some mosquitoes for the many dragonflies.  It's been a dry Summer.  Even the tap water comes out of the faucet steaming hot and undrinkable. Walking down my concrete driveway to the mailbox barefooted burns the soles of my feet and I recall barefoot childhood summers walking on hot dirt/sand and never even blinking.  (The title is quite tongue-in-cheek.  August is lush, colorful, fecund, nostalgic, & wildly generous.)

             A gorgeous dragonfly on a dying Sunflower stalk. We communed, eye to eye.

                           Same dragonfly perched on a piece of dried bamboo.

Sweet blue dragonflies
always bringing me
pieces of sky---

~Marion, 8/2/15

                                        Wild flowers growing across the street.

                               Glorious Morning Glory with her Godlight glowing...

                        Heat-resistant hot pink Periwinkles.  They thrive, even in August.

            Zinnias, the ten cent package of flower seeds that never, ever fail to bloom.

     Okay, another Clematis (passionflower).

  My Toad who grew up on my patio & brought her baby to live here. I keep them watered. :-)

         An abandoned Bluebird nest we found. I think House Sparrows ran them off. :-(

                           My Garden spider.

                                  Catfish :-)


Jonathan Chant said...

Wonderful: a generous collection of words, flowers, spiders, toads and a gorgeous cat to compliment generous August.

Marion Lawless said...

Thanks for visiting, Jonathan. Catfish loved knowing that someone called him gorgeous. He's so vain! LOL., xo

erin said...

i had wondered... i had tried to comment but couldn't and then i thought - well, of all people i should understand)))

never anyone so mad as to put out water for mosquito breeding! never anyone quite so beautifully mad!

last night james and i drove up to a swamp at nightfall. in the evening twilight, the air thin with mosquitoes, the air was much thicker with dragonflies. i had never seen such a thing, the dragonflies dragging their wings across my face and down my legs, daring intimacy so to be everywhere.

Marion Lawless said...

Oh, Erin! So glad you're back!!!!!! What an amazing picture you've painted of you & the dragonflies communing. Seriously, it's so dry here, there are few mosquitoes. I open my almost-empty water barrel and a few mosquitoes always zoom out and the dragonflies appear like magic to devour them. They also come drink right out of the water hose when I'm watering my flowers and tomatoes. I'm STILL their Queen!!!! :-) What can I say...I feed the raccoons, too. They love watermelon and cantaloupe rinds, so I chop them up for them. Ray calls me crazy, but I'm kinder to bugs/animals in my old age. Ha! (I still have only 4 cats. But Sophie is almost 20 years old. She's the bosscat!). They eat better than I do. ;-) By the way, I'm glad y'all have a swamp to visit. They're always churning with life!!!!! Love & Blessings, xo

Kelly said...

Love ALL your photos today, Marion!!

Once we finally got on city water a few years ago, I noticed the cold water from the tap was almost hot in the summer! It was always nice and cool from our own well. Oh well... the pros still outweigh the cons.

I'm glad I can comment again - thanks for sorting things out! :D

Serena said...

You take the most gorgeous pictures! What with your fabulous flowers, beautiful dragonflies, the adorable Catfish, and a toad family on the patio, better watch out -- everybody's going to want to move in with you.:)

We got a reprieve from the heat yesterday, but it's back in the 90s today. Ugh.

Marion Lawless said...

Thanks, Kelly. I grew up on well water and it was always so delicious & cool. xo

SJ, thank you. Dragonflies follow me around every time I go outside. It freaks Ray out...why I don't know. He KNOWS I'm Princess Dragonfly. ;-) No rain here but we've had a nice breeze the past few days. xo

Mama Zen said...

What a whole lot of gorgeous!