Saturday, April 21, 2018

What Colour Are You?

My Artify watercolor pencils.
George Washington Rose

A gift of Tulips, long dead now...
Miranda Lambert Rose today, hot pink & prolific!

My favorite color, pink.

Pink-haired, customized Blythe doll from Greece.


What Colour Are You?
by Marion

Sunrise, sunset, sun and moon,
August, July, May and June.
Lust, desire, coals and fire.
Graveyard dirt and funeral pyres.
Roses exploding, tulips tall,
Verbena trailing down black brick walls.
Candles burning, emitting soft light,
Toenail polish and lipstick bright.

It pulses with desire,
Burns with fire,
Drips with lust
In shades of rust.

Red is the brazen harlot of colours.
All other colours envy her---

~Marion, feeling lonely & blue...


Kelly said...

This is so good, Marion! Color - it all depends on the day and my mood. And so many shades....

Marion said...

Thank you, Kelly. You're right, so many colors! Love & hugs! xo