Wednesday, September 21, 2016

PAIN By Linda Pastan

Smile, even when you feel like crying...

By Linda Pastan, from "Waiting For My Life"

More faithful
than lover or husband
it cleaves to you,
calling itself by your name
as if there had been a ceremony.

At night, you turn and turn
searching for the one
bearable position,
but though you may finally sleep
it wakens ahead of you.

How heavy it is,
displacing with its volume
your very breath.
Before, you seemed to weigh nothing,
your arms might have been wings.

Now each finger adds its measure;
you are pulled down by the weight
of your own hair.

And if your life should disappear ahead of you
you would not run after it.


Pain is with me 24/7, 365.  Nobody can see it, so few believe it.  It feels like I should be bleeding profusely, covered in bruises...but I'm not.  Autoimmune disorders, say the known cause, no cure...just pain that affects mostly women...go figure.  To those in pain...I wish you relief.  xo


Kelly said...

Marion, I can totally feel your pain! ...and I'm not saying that facetiously, as I'm dealing with similar problems of my own right now! It's no fun at all.

Marion said...

So sorry to hear that, Kelly! I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I pray you'll feel better soon. xo

erin said...

"And if your life should disappear ahead of you
you would not run after it."

i understand...

may it disappear as mysteriously as it arrived.

Marion said...

Thank you, Erin. It comes and goes, but mostly stays. I have an excellent friend who practices Reiki and sends me healing energy. She (Reiki) healed my hurt EXCRUTIATINGLY for months and she prepared me to receive the energy. I woke up the next day with no pain in my hip. It was freeing and uplifting and miraculous. It only aches a little when the weather changes now. I keep HOPE constantly in my heart. xo