Friday, September 30, 2016

Black Moon Rising

Tonight, September 30,  is the 2nd new moon
in September---a rare Black Moon,
which only occurs every 32

It's the threshold/doorway into Autumn,
the dark time of the year, a time for
staying in and going inward.
Contemplation, reflection, resting,
and reverie are on the menu.

Even nature rests in Fall
and Winter, going dormant,
quiescent:  living, yet appearing barren.

Nature is our mirror,
our teacher and muse
telling us to slow down now,
collect her gifts of
seeds, then
ponder our own gifts.

Black Moon rising,
new moon ruling.
Fearlessly enter your darkness---
explore the shadow side
of your life---and of nature.

Disentangle your
knotted, twisted thoughts
and prepare to grow
in the spring...

like a brazen, hot pink Zinnia
bursting from the soil.



Kelly said...

Excellent, Marion!

I was just reading up on the 'Black Moon' earlier in the week. I found it interesting that it will already be October 1st when it's fully new on the other side of the world, so they'll actually have their 'Black Moon' when the next new moon rolls around at the end of October!

Marion said...

It's only in North America this time, I think, but I found it fascinating since it fell on my anniversary. LOL! I'd never heard of it's cool learning something new. Love & Hugs! xo

quid said...

Gave me the shivers, M. I'm guessing it is your original poetry. Funny, while reading it I was listening to "Yellow Moon" by the Nevilles.