Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rock Me, Mercy by Yusef Komunyakaa

Rock Me, Mercy

The river stones are listening
because we have something to say.
The trees lean closer today.
The singing in the electrical woods
has gone dumb. It looks like rain
because it is too warm to snow.
Guardian angels, wherever you're hiding,
we know you can't be everywhere at once.
Have you corralled all the pretty wild
horses? The memory of ants asleep
in daylilies, roses, holly, & larkspur.
The magpies gaze at us, still
waiting. River stones are listening.
But all we can say now is,
Mercy, please, rock me.

Yusef Komunyakaa, "Rock Me, Mercy" from The Emperor of Water

    My favorite tea cup that I found at Etsy.  So pretty!

    After two rainy days, my Roses are wildly blooming!

       Nothing on earth is as beautiful as a red Rose...

                 This is a Knockout Rose...nowhere near as pretty as a regular Rose.

                                        Brilliant yellow Squash blossom...

         Sunflower painting by my husband.

             Five Moonflowers, ready for planting.


Kelly said...

Your blooms are lovely and I'm jealous that you already have squash that far along!!

Ray's painting is beautiful.

Marion said...

Thanks, Kelly. We really didn't have winter this year. It was so mild most of my flowers barely wilted. I'll tell Ray you like his painting. He'll be tickled. I appreciate you!!! xo