Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day, Every Day!

After ten days of clouds and rain, the sun came out today and the flowers bloomed with joy.  It's a certain kind of Eden, for sure... xo


By Kay Ryan

It seems like you could, but
you can’t go back and pull
the roots and runners and replant.
It’s all too deep for that.
You’ve overprized intention,
have mistaken any bent you’re given
for control. You thought you chose
the bean and chose the soil.
You even thought you abandoned
one or two gardens. But those things
keep growing where we put them—
if we put them at all.
A certain kind of Eden holds us thrall.
Even the one vine that tendrils out alone
in time turns on its own impulse,
twisting back down its upward course
a strong and then a stronger rope,
the greenest saddest strongest
kind of hope.

Kay Ryan, "A Certain Kind of Eden" from Flamingo Watching.

      Angel Trumpet bloomed today...Earth Day 2016!

          Passionflowers...Indigo blooming...

       Wild Blackberries preparing to be jam...

       A wasp friend eating a bad bug & pollinating...

                         Hello, blue sky!!!


Kelly said...

I'm so happy to see some sunshine again, too!!

Marion said...

Me, too, Kelly! I'm a fair weather person and too many cloudy days make me sad. Love & hugs!! xo