Friday, March 4, 2016

As If The Moon Could Haul Through You by Neil Fischer

 Idris Elba's my favorite actor on earth.  I LOVE Luther.  (He's been looking over my shoulder.) 

                        My sky today.

                My sky yesterday.  Glorious!

           A Heron I colored with metallic gel pens.

                                                        My new Tulips.


By Neil Fischer

As if the moon could haul through you 
Its tremor of light and stone, 
Be cleared of sound. Plough 
The mind's noise until it's a shine 

In the purl of south-bending river that bears 
Itself toward a blacker part of the forest. 
If you hum, hum through the motes of air, 
Perhaps your nerves will find at last 

A tone to which they will succumb. 
Be still. Be not so heavy-hearted 
For a moment. All is not a tomb, 
Blind sarcophagus staring dumb, thwarted 

Pleasures nailed inside. These fireflies 
Sweep their tracings on the evening. 
Weep if you must, but board what falls 
Away, abdomens flaring— 

The brief, nomadic intervals.


Kelly said...

Love your heron!! I need to do some more coloring.

quid said...

I should be writing! But I'm not. One of those long, slow periods where my thoughts remain in my brain and refuse to spill out on the page.