Saturday, February 6, 2016

Adult Coloring Books Are Addicting!

I haven't been around much lately.  I got some adult coloring books for Christmas and discovered that they're highly addictive.  When I get to coloring these intricate pictures or designs, I get so eager to find out how they'll turn out, I just cannot stop.  It's relaxing.  They start at about $5 and go up to near $20, depending on the quality, but there are some excellent selections at Amazon and at local craft stores.  Better than Prozac!  LOL!  xo

My favorite picture done with Prismacolor Colored Pencils

First ones I did using gel pens and Prismacolor Colored Pencils (the best, waxy and bright).

I love the dragonflies and the damsel fly.  Mostly gel pens from Wal-Mart and colored pencils.

Gel pen entirely.  I had a contest with hubby & won.

                My first moth.  I wanted it to have the colors of the Luna Moth.

A Christmas gift from my artist daughter...I'm addicted now to coloring.

                                 Another Christmas gift from artist daughter.

        After becoming addicted in December, I got these two books at Amazon in January.

                                     Hedgehog made of leaves.  Mostly gel & glitter pens.

Got this case of gel/glitter pens years ago for $10.  Almost empty now.

                 All gel/glitter pens.  I'm a bit OCD about balance.  Trying to get over that...

Christmas gift from Ray.  The Mother with ALL Prismacolors.  Heaven!

Two canvas cases that hold ALL 132 of my pencils and roll up neatly and snap. Only $10 each at Amazon.  They come in different sizes for holding varying numbers of pencils.  It makes the pencils much more accessible.  After I use a color, I reverse it so I'll know I've used it.  


Kelly said...

So beautiful, Marion!!! I got a coloring book for Christmas, too, and I love it. Mine is one for devotion and meditation called "Whatever is Lovely". I need to post the pictures I've colored so far. The friend who gave it to me also gave me markers. I like them, but may have to use pencils for a few of the pictures. Yours are all so pretty.

Let me know when you schedule and I'll get some folks praying with me. Please keep praying for my sister. (((hugs)))

Marion said...

Thank you, Kelly. I can't use markers in mine because the paper is too thin. I tried and messed up a page. I'll let you know when my surgeries are scheduled. I appreciate your prayers and have been praying for Pammie every day. Hugs back to you, my friend. xo

quid said...

Don't fall apart, girl!
Unlike your back surgery, the replacement surgeries should impact your life in such a positive way. I see both knee and hip replacements in my leave of absence practice among my RN's.

After rehabbing the replacement, it is like a new lease on life for them...pain gone, career extended. I'll watch for the surgeries on the blog.. but I truly think they will end up being a blessing for you.

Your coloring books are remarkable. I loved the pictures of them, they came to life on my computer....