Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Your Other Name by Tara Sophia Mohr

Oh, how this poem shimmers & shines!!!  I found it in an anthology while going through my zillions of books to pass along to my younger daughter and granddaughter. (Last year, my college student grandson asked for some of my American Classics.  I rounded him up 90 or so!) Sarah likes poetry, April, not so much, so I've reluctantly been parting with some of my favorite books.  Sarah loves Mary Oliver---she heard Mary Oliver speak when she was in college, so I picked those first and kept only one for myself.  I cried as I boxed up about 75 books.  So many wonderful memories attached to those reads!!  My books are like a journal or road map of my life...

Pet peeve:  This is why I HATE electronic books (beside the fact that they've become exorbitantly expensive...only a dollar or two less than a 'real' book), you can't pass them down to your family or friends.  They're a total ripoff.  Okay, hopping down off my soap box.  :-P

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving filled with love, family and friends.  xo, Marion


erin said...

these poetic reminders are so important. can realign a person in an instant. too much work these days and yet the ten minutes i have on my break... a quote from Senancour today while sitting near the pine trees was enough to remind me who i really am in the relevant (natural) world.

i agree on the electronic book slight. that, and what kind of aesthetics do you get from a screen? zero. our physical and aesthetic ties/experiences with the word are every bit as important as the word itself.

your grandkids reap such benefits from you in their lives:)

Kelly said...

I love that you're giving your books new life with new lovers!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.