Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Louisiana State Fair Memories

                                    Louisiana State Fair, 2015, taken by my niece.

The Louisiana State Fair was the best part of every year when I was growing up.  We saved our hard-earned spending money (Quarters from selling Coke bottles, picking pecans, shelling peas and raking or hoeing the garden, picking peas, tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, etc.)

It was a real sacrifice to have to go a month to six weeks without our candy/comic/RC Cola and Moon Pie fix, but we knew magic was at the end of our great sacrifice:  Like candy apples & caramel apples, blue & pink cotton candy, andouille sausages cooked with onions & bell peppers, cradled in a soft, steamed bun...and that's just the food!!!  We tried our hands at coin toss and breaking balloons with darts, while the little kids picked up rubber ducks for a prize.  

We carefully chose as many rides as we could afford on our little budgets.  Then there were the free areas:  the stock barn where all the animals were judged and ribbons given out.  Next was where the jams, pickles and preserves were judged and sold.  It was as pretty as a rainbow...all those Mason Jars full of colorful figs, strawberry jam, apple jelly, blueberry jam, pears.  I don't know how we'd have kept going if it hadn't been for the huge quantities of sugar we consumed.  We often barfed up our treats after the roller coaster ride, but we kept right on going till the fair closed at 10:00 p.m. 

Uncle Warner carried us into the house because we fell asleep from pure exhaustion and excitement on the 30 minute drive home.  We'd be sticky from head to toe and Aunt Mace would wash our faces, hands and feet with a warm wash cloth and put us to bed.  It seems like day before yesterday, but it was over 50 years ago.  That blows my mind.  Time, she flies...  Nostalgically yours... ~Marion xo

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Kelly said...

I rarely attended the State Fair, but have very fond memories of our County Fair. I loved the rides, but the livestock barn was always a favorite. And the "pick up ducks" booth for a cheap, cheesy prize!