Monday, October 29, 2012

Weather Channel by Sheryl Crow

Weather Channel
by Sheryl Crow

Sunny morning
You can hear it
Siren's warning
There is weather on both sides
And I know it's coming
Just like before
There's a black dog
That scratches my door
He's been growling my name saying
You better get to running
Can you make it better for me
Can you make me see the light of day
Because I got no one
Who will bring me a
Big umbrella
So I'm watching the weather channel
And waiting for the storm
It's just sugar
Just a pill to make me happy
I know it may not fix the hinges
But at least the door has stopped it's creaking
I got friends
They're waiting for me to comb out my hair
Come outside and join the human race
But I don't feel so human
Can you make it better for me
Can you make me see the light of day
Because I got lab coats
Who will bring me a panacea
While I'm watching the weather channel
Waiting for the storm
You won't want me
Hanging around the birthday pony
Even though it's just a game
You know we are the same
But you're the better faker.
Enjoying some cold weather here in the swamp today and cooking gumbo.  It's interesting to watch a hurricane that's not headed for us here in the Gulf.  Those of you on the East Coast, hunker down and beware of Frankenstorm Sandy.  

This is one of my favorite songs by Sheryl Crow.  She wrote it when she was going through a bout of depression.

PS:  The word "Panacea" is one of my favorite words on earth.  So full of meaning and fun to say.  (Pronounced pan-a-see-a with emphasis on the see).

Panacea:  a remedy for all diseases or ills; a cure-all;


Far Beyond The Ridge said...

Am i too late? Did i miss the gumbo? Damn!
I ran as fast as i could
It's funny, when sheryl was first finding success, don henley said, "she wont last six months in this business"
Got any crow gumbo for don?
Stay warm, you

Anonymous said...

For ALL of the above. Put some hot sauce on it! XO

Snowbrush said...

I know you're just as happy to not be hit this time. Now, I need to check in on those bloggers who ARE in the path of this storm.

Serena said...

Love the song -- and the word "panacea." Gumbo's a darn good panacea. So glad you didn't have to worry about this storm. We're getting "fringe" effects here, with rain and humongous wind today and the possibility of snow tomorrow. I like wind, but this kind of wind is nerve-wracking. It's probably going to blow 'til late tomorrow night, too. Yikes.

manik sharma said...

we are watching it here too it is the event channel..much more than the weather one i guess..