Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flowers are Earth's Poetry

A bee headed for my Confederate Roses this week.

Pink personified.



Snowbrush said...

Confederate Roses? I've never heard of them, I don't think, but then I've never been around roses much. In Mississippi, we had some sort of old-timey pink rose that I got a cutting of from my grandparents' graves on Sand Mtn, Alabama. Here we have a pink rose that was in the yard when we moved in 22 years ago. You've now read the unabridged edition of my history with roses.

erin said...

it's nearly impossible for me to imagine now, nearly, but this is how it is for me with every passing marvel of nature. last week the tamarack here were a green in a state of flux and this week they have been pressed through the eye of a needle and hordes of them, ALL of them! are a very potent mustard green and it feels as though i have never before in my life seen this.

i see your beautiful rose and wonder, when on earth have i ever seen a rose before?


Anonymous said...

I just heard of them for the first time last week. xo

Serena said...

What beautiful flowers! And pink, too!!