Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Heart by Kim Addonizio

My Heart  
by Kim Addonizio
That Mississippi chicken shack.
That initial-scarred tabletop,
that tiny little dance floor to the left of the band.
That kiosk at the mall selling caramels and kitsch.
That tollbooth with its white-plastic-gloved worker
handing you your change.
That phone booth with the receiver ripped out.
That dressing room in the fetish boutique,
those curtains and mirrors.
That funhouse, that horror, that soundtrack of screams.
That putti-filled heaven raining gilt from the ceiling.
That haven for truckers, that bottomless cup.
That biome. That wilderness preserve.
That landing strip with no runway lights
where you are aiming your plane,
imagining a voice in the tower,
imagining a tower.
A rare ice storm yesterday.  
Today the woods are made of melting glass, 
shimmering in the morning sunlight.
I am happy.
Please forgive the fucked-up formatting.  Still having issues.  :-(


erin said...

I am happy. How wonderful. The words are like heavy pine boughs under ice, beautiful.

The poem is a holy hell one. Right one spot.

Get out with your camera. Show us.


Marion said...

Erin, I went out with my camera and three lenses. I tried them one and all and none could capture the sheer fairy tale brilliance of it---like a giant glass menagerie. I'd need a lense as big as all the world. I do have some great ice pics....but FRIGGIN' Blogger won't let me upload photos. Still workin' on it. Love you!!! xoxo

rosaria said...

A rare ice storm in the warm south. It must be a signt!
The poem baffles me; pulls me in many directions.

Rick said...

love this Marion
but I never land where I aim
but it's fun watchin everyone run
for cover
ice storms are actually quite beautiful if you're not driving

quid said...

The poem is so complex! I feel like rosaria does. I'm imagining your surroundings look like Kelly's pictures, since you seem to be sharing current weather!

Steadily warm here. A little cloudy today. Did I mention I'm glad you're back? Only once? Well, here's twice! Hugs.

Kelly said...

What a perfect description (which I can totally relate to!) of the ice in the woods.

Thank goodness we're in the upper 30s today and melting as well.

Looking forward to your pix once Blogger starts behaving for you. At least you can now get into my blog. I missed you!!!

Wine and Words said...

Those last four lines!!! I've yet to discover what they mean to me, but they grabbed me by the throat nonetheless. I am choked.

And you in your beautiful ice castle. Such a queen. I am so ready to enter!

love you

Maggie May said...

love the poem... and ice storms

Kaleidoscope Januarie said...

What a wonderful blog you created! Your poem reminded me of my childhood. I loved waking up in the morning and looking outside, and seeing white snow everywhere and an amazing blue sky. It used to make me truly happy.

Phoenix said...

Man, that poem just nails it, doesn't it? As I continued reading and grew more and more uncomfortable, I thought about how uncomfortable I've been in my own heart lately. Maybe it's not always about love and birds singing - maybe the heart also grabs the guts and whispers, "We're going for a ride," and that's all there is to that.

and your ice storms poem - was simply gorgeous. I could feel the ice on my tongue with the way you write.

Laurie said...

That's talent.

Marian said...

oh, Marion. whoosh. s