Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Attic by Raymond Carver

The Attic
By Raymond Carver

Her brain is an attic where things
were stored over the years.

From time to time her face appears
in the little window near the top of the house.

The sad face of someone who has been locked up
and forgotten about.

From:  "A New Path to the Waterfall" by Raymond Carver


Kay said...

oh---- intriguing... ! that art work at the top is wonderful, but even more so with the poem you picked. so soft, except around those dark, luring eyes...

may we never be forgotten :)

Kelly said...

Now this one I love!!

Kass said...

Oh yes, my brain is an attic. Such a wonderful poem!

Terresa said...

I adore Carver, this is a reminder I need to read more of him!

Hope you're having a good weekend, Marion!

Margaret Pangert said...

You find such wonderful Carver material, Marion! So sad--can't be Tess Gallagher who had such a strong sense of herself and so much confidence--has to be his first wife who just hadn't quite made it yet. Ahhh... it takes so much work to get there.
I can almost taste the waft of springtime just around your corner! Still ice and snow for me!! Drat! me ♥

Wine and Words said...

Seems so sad. Her little face in the window of her own mind, forgotten. Oh...I fear old age. I FEAR it! {{shudder}}.

Eleven more days :)

Phoenix said...

Very Jane Eyre, if I do say so myself :) But how many thoughts do we relegate up to our "attics" as well, in cruel and unfeeling ways?

I hope I never have an attic... or a basement...


Serena said...

Ohh! That is sad and wonderful at the same time.

Happy Valentine's Day, Marion.:)

quid said...

Such a quirky little poem with a great tagline!


Rick said...

lovely but sad gem
I think it's sad because we all have
been her a time or two but managed an escape.
Annie's comment is curious; I think we all assume she is old but it doesn't say. She could be twenty five. I'm glad I saw that comment. Now I read it differently.
Thanks Annie!

Snowbrush said...

This poem reminds of the John Prine song, "Hello in There." You live in Louisiana, so you pretty much have to like John Prine, right, or does that only apply to people in the Delta? Ha.

Marion said...

Thank you all for your kind comments!! I appreciate you all. Blessings!

Snow, I love John Prine. I'll have to check out that song. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings!

erin said...

I read her young, timeless really. Sad and yet somehow, familiar.