Thursday, September 17, 2009

And the Cantilevered Inference Shall Hold the Day

And the Cantilevered Inference Shall Hold the Day
by Michael Blumenthal

Things are not as they seem: the innuendo of everything makes
itself felt and trembles towards meanings we never intuited
or dreamed. Take, for example, how the warbler, perched on a

mere branch, can kidnap the day from its tediums and send us
heavenwards, or how, held up by nothing we really see, our
spirits soar and then, in a mysterious series of twists and turns,

come to a safe landing in a field, encircled by greenery. Nothing
I can say to you here can possibly convince you that a man
as unreliable as I have been can smuggle in truths between tercet

and quatrains on scraps of paper, but the world as we know
is full of surprises, and the likelihood that here, in the shape
of this very bird, redemption awaits us should not be dismissed

so easily. Each year, days swivel and diminish along their inscrutable
axes, then lengthen again until we are bathed in light we were not
prepared for. Last night, lying in bed with nothing to hold onto

but myself, I gazed at the emptiness beside me and saw there, in the
shape of absence, something so sweet and deliberate I called it darling.
No one who encrusticates (I made that up!) his silliness in a bowl,

waiting for sanctity, can ever know how lovely playfulness can be,
and, that said, let me wish you a Merry One (or Chanukah if you
prefer), and may whatever holds you up stay forever beneath you,

and may the robin find many a worm, and our cruelties abate,
and may you be well and happy and full of mischief as I am,
and may all your nothings, too, hold something up and sing.

~from "And".


Kelly said...

Wow! I haven't seen that butterfly photo before. Love it!

We've had almost 13 inches of rain in the past week!! (and still more to come!!)

Kay said...

charming, probably not the intention, but so it is

Marion said...

Kelly, I took both of those photos earlier this week. My dragonflies are scarce now, but have been replaced by multi-colored butterflies and fat bumble bees on all my flowers. We got a little rain, but not much. Blessings!

Kay, isn't it charming and enlightening and just plain awesome? God, I love poetry! Blessings!

Wine and Words said...

"and saw there, in the
shape of absence, something so sweet and deliberate I called it darling."

I am pondering this, the shape of absence, the form of loneliness... Can I find something sweet here? Well now...I found you!

Renee said...

Marion that is so beautiful. You may as well have tied a bow on top. What a gift.

Love Renee xoxo

Marion said...

Annie, well now, I found YOU, too! In this magical ether called Internet, I have found so many kindred souls that it blow my mind. You, yes you, are a treasure to me. I was just telling my husband a few days ago how blessed I am to have made so many friends in far away places who are true soul mates because we are knit together by the threads of our poetrylove and wordlove...the love of poetry and words is as uncommon in my realm of physical existence as a snowball in hell and to find so many who LOVE words like I do---especially at this point in my life---is like Christmas every single day. Whew, that was a mouthful! Ha! Yes, I do believe we can make friends with loneliness. I crave it at times. Thank you for being Annie. You rock! Love & Blessings!!

Renee, that's a fabulous description. You're a gift, too. Much love and many blessings, dear friend...

Karen said...

I think you've published one of his poems here before, haven't you?

You've introduced me to so many talented contemporary poets, and for that I thank you!

This does, indeed, as Renee said, feel like a gift - and as Kay said, it has such charm and dash! This is just plain fun to read - and it has something to say, too! Wonderful post, Marion. You always say, "Blessings," - well, takes one to know one!

Marion said...

Karen, I think I did post another of his poems, but I forgot to catalogue it and couldn't find it. I do recall reading several of his poems a while back. I'm just about ready to hunt down one of his books to add to my collection. I'm so happy to share my love of poetry with everyone. It's great to know that others love poetry and appreciate it. Blessings to you. BTW, I LOVE your poetry, too! Hugs and Blessings, poet-friend!!

Margaret Pangert said...

Hi Marion~ Your photos remind me it is still summer! Loved the poem--it has everything: playfulness, safety, surprise, redemption. Funny, Blumenthal has another poem in And with cantilevered in the title (And the Small, Cantilevered Emblems of the Hills May Be in Vain). xx

Rikkij said...

Marion- beautiful words and images once again. I so love walking with you in your garden of beautiful treasures. ~rick

The villager: said...

These fine words are buttering my parsnips !

Marion said...

Margaret, that's funny. He must love that word. It is an awesome word. LOL! Glad you enjoyed the photos. Yes, it's still hot and humid here in swamp country. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings!

Rick, glad you stopped by to smell my flowers. Love your new picture. SEXY! Blessings, dear friend...

The Villager, there's nothing like butter to make a veggie taste better, no?! Thanks for stopping by!! Blessings!

Woman in a Window said...

He's a very playful one, isn't he? Poetry I can appreciate. It's a difficult thing he's done though, finding the darling in the absence.