Wednesday, March 25, 2020

This Shit Just Got Real

I am doing okay in lockdown, as it’s so inappropriately called.  I own my home, own over 1,000 books, can pay my bills for months, and have an acre of land around my home where I grow vegetables.  My cabinets are stocked.  I bought 3 cases of TP right before this pandemic hit.  I own guns and ammo should the world go nuts and chaos ensues.  I doubt seriously that will happen, though.  I was a Campfire Girl...Always be prepared!  Honestly, I once started a campfire in the pouring rain.  I got two MFing badges for that feat.  I’m a country girl.  

BUT, for most of my life, I lived paycheck to paycheck like many of you do.  I feel for those who are out of work and broke because I’ve been there.  I feel your fear, uncertainty and confusion.  I sincerely pray for this virus to die out soon.  I pray for God’s mercy for humankind.  I pray for you to not fear and to stay well.  I’ve never seen anything like this in my lifetime.  It’s a time of reflection on the fragility of life and trust in God.  Nature prevails.  The seasons still change, the trees are covered in blooms and new leaves.  

Know this:  life goes on and this, too, shall pass.  Love, peace, calm and hugs,  xo, ~Marion 

Hmmmm, I’m not so sure about this, but I’m staying home anyway.

My favorite 30 year old cookbook that tells you how to cook anything & everything from scratch.  

City Park in New Orleans after Madrid Gras.  Beads in the trees...

Truth.  And the truck drivers & grocery store employees who work tirelessly.

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Kelly said...

I wonder if Mardi Gras was a breeding ground, so to speak, before anyone really knew what was going on. People getting sick might have just thought they had the flu. Who knows.

I'm thankful my daughter is at home now. The DA sent all their staff home at noon last Friday, the told them over the weekend the courthouse would close for now. (their office covers three parishes, all with confirmed cases) Her husband already works from home (and daycares their baby). I'm glad your governor is taking it all seriously!

We're not as hard hit up here, but the cases are multiplying quickly. It's surreal.