Saturday, June 8, 2019

My World

My 44 Magnum earrings.  I was inspired to make these after I saw a member of the Danish Symphony wearing a pair.  Armed and loaded. :-)

Tomatoes!  I’ve already eaten three. 

Heaven on a stem.

My Peach Roses by my St. Francis statue.

Lemongrass after a rain.

Garfield napping by my Ficus Fig trees. 

My neighbor’s brilliant Mimosa tree.


Terra said...

Nice photo of Garfield napping and I like your gun earrings.

PhilipH said...

Do you have a licence for those earings? And are they loaded? I love the rose; great colour. Hope its fragrance is just as nice.

Marion said...

Thanks, Terra! xo

Philip, I’m a licensed gun owner! LOL! My Mr. Lincoln Rose smells heavenly! It’s a hardy, easy-to-grow, sweet Rose. xo

Snowbrush said...

Lovely photos. Mimosas do well here, but the one in my front yard split during an ice storm one year, and I replaced it with a redbud.