Monday, March 11, 2019

March, Winter’s Death Mask by Marion

Winter Snow, 2015


March, Winter’s Death Mask
By Marion Lawless

The spindly, naked trees are gently swaying—
one warm day, a row of tiny
leaves appear, marching up the branches,
specks of green from dead-looking, dry limbs,
like baby grasshoppers walking slowly in file.

Cold returns for a bleak few weeks,
knocking on the doors and windows, trees bowing in respect,
the jade leaves clinging as if glued to each branch.
Cold rain beating the new emerald-hued grass
sheets of ice, clear, like bits of tiny broken glass
fighting to stay much longer, in spite of time passing,
the sunshine gently molding mud, 
an annual mystical task...preparing

Winter’s death mask.



Kelly said...

I love this... so true!

Marion said...

Thank you, Kelly. I heard someone say our Southern winters are bipolar. I’m with them. We had a very mild winter. xo

Snowbrush said...

Why Marion--how lovely! Do you publish your writing?

The last of our big snow from 2 1/2 weeks ago should melt today.

I very much hope that you continue blogging.