Friday, May 11, 2018

Read Every Damn Thing, Especially These Books!!!!!!

YA FANTASY.  Fabulous, beautiful stories!

My 3 Fiddle Leaf Figs:  Rory, Emily & Lorelai.  Something to take care of.


I would have bought the top two books for the covers alone, but my daughter read some of a story to me and I was instantly hooked.  I highly recommend both of Ms. Barnhill's beautiful, dazzling, wildly imaginative books.

 "Southern Fried Divorce" by Judy Conner (sister of THE Sweet Potato Queen, Jill Conner) is by far THE MOST HILARIOUS book I have EVER read in all my life!!!  And a perk is that it's set in New Orleans in the 1970's through the present.  AND, a little brown dog almost steals the story.  Seriously, I laughed at a time in my life when I hadn't laughed in over a year...and when I finished the book, I went right back to the first page and read it again and laughed even harder the second time.  I wish I could give this book to everyone I know.  It's a must-read.  You'll laugh till you cry.

Thank God for books.  I'm going read now.  xo


Kelly said...

I will check these out!! Thanks, Marion!

Have you read Dispatches from Pluto by Richard Grant? I really enjoyed it!

Marion said...

No, Kelly, but I'll check it out. So many little money. LOL! You MUST read "Southern Fried Divorce" and tell Quid to read it, too. Love & blessings! xo

Terra said...

You make Southern Fried Divorce sound so funny I am going to buy it. One book described as funny is Vernon Coleman's Mrs. Caldicot's Cabbage War which I just bought on kindle and plan to read soon.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I belong a book club and am always looking out for things to suggest.

wisps of words said...

Found you, by a comment you made, on this blog... So happy to see someone, who agrees with me! On the state of our Beloved Country, and of the World.

And you have a simply lovely blog!!!! :-)

Love beautiful pictures. Love book suggestions. What's not to like here? :-)))))

Have not yet read far. Do not know if you let your political views creep into your blogging. I don't. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Made my present blog, to *escape-into-nice*. -chuckle-

But so happy to have found a blog like this blog...! How wonderful, that someone is standing tall and actually saying the Facts.

wisps of words said...

I see you too have Comment Mod on!

I don't usually, don't have many commenters anyway.

But leaving comments on this blog..., I figured someone might "come calling," with some nastiness. ,-) So, put the ol' Comment Mon on.

wisps of words said...

Thank you for coming to and commenting on my blog. Very happy to have met another Conservative!

We agree. We know our views, but choose to not go into them, on our blogs.

And I should have said before, I love Dragonflies too!

Marion said...

Thank you all for stopping by. Blogger has gone apeshit once again and stopped notifying me of comments. I'm so happy to see new 'faces' and that you enjoyed the posts. I promise, you'll all enjoy "Southern Fried Divorce". Blessings!!! xo