Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hurricane Child, A Mam Poem By Marion

                                         Hurricane Audrey

By Marion

I were born a hurricane child
strong 'n furious, dark 'n wild.
Come here ass first, bloody & gleamin'
not cryin' but laughin'; Mam were screamin'.

Windows imploded, spewin' glass,
wind was howlin', (it wouldn't last).
Rain was peltin' like fallin' knives
cuttin' out ditches & stealin' lives.

My face were masked with a glistenin' caul,
Mam's was faded a peculiar pall
She be a special one, the midwife said---
Shut yore hole, cried Mam from the bed,

Ain't no gift, it's a burdensome curse
a'knowin' most things & havin' no thirst
fer mystery. Havin' the sight can be a fright
and thieve the best years from yore life!

And a'top all this the moon she's full
so my babe here daily will feel her pull.
She'll be called crazy, lunatic, insane
oftener than folks say her given name.

Hurricane Audrey, she blowed outside
a whippin' & a shriekin'---were we safe inside?
The floor were sparklin' with glass & rain
& I were birthed in the Hurricane's pain...


Mama Zen said...

I LOVE this!

Marion Lawless said...

Thank you, MZ. You always inspire me. You were my muse on parts of this one. The poet in me humbly bows to the poet in you. :-) xo

glnroz said...

a good story,,,a great poem,,,and a happy belated birthday wish...glenn

Marion Lawless said...

Thanks, Glenn! I appreciate your stopping by. xo