Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Decade by Amy Lowell and Euphoria by Lily King

This lady must surely be reading poetry.

I've only recently begun reading Amy Lowell's poems and I'm totally intrigued with her.  I got a free Kindle book of her poetry online ("Men, Women and Ghosts") and it only whet my appetite for more.  Her poems are sensual and oh, so earthy.  If you've never read her, I highly recommend that you do.  And here's how I discovered her writing:

I've been reading an amazing novel, "Euphoria" by Lily King, and, in it, the main character quotes from the first poem below, "A Decade", which put me on the hunt for more of Lowell's work.  I got the book on CD from the library (and later bought a hard copy) and have listened to it twice all the way through.  The reader has a luscious voice and the story is utterly & totally compelling.  xo

So many books, so little time.....

A Decade
By Amy Lowell

When you came, you were like red wine and honey,
and the taste of you burnt my mouth with its sweetness.
Now you are like morning bread,
smooth and pleasant.
I hardly taste you at all for I know your savour,
but I am completely nourished.

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erin said...

amy lowell is now officially on my radar. you're right, her voice is rich and full of resonance)))

and this novel is a keeper? i am very desperately in need of a novel that consumes me. (if not this one, which one?)


quid said...

One of my favorite poets. She feels so contemporary, you're surprised when you find out how long ago she wrote all this.

Book looks intriguing!