Saturday, February 8, 2014

Notes on the Art of Poetry by Dylan Thomas

Illustration from Pinterest.  Me.
Notes on the Art of Poetry
by Dylan Thomas
I could never have dreamt that there were such goings-on
in the world between the covers of books,
such sandstorms and ice blasts of words,
such staggering peace, such enormous laughter,
such and so many blinding bright lights,
splashing all over the pages
in a million bits and pieces
all of which were words, words, words,
and each of which were alive forever
in its own delight and glory and oddity and light.


Fireblossom said...

I'm girl-screaming right along with you cos I LOVE BOOKS SO MUCH TOOOO!

Love the poetic thoughts, as well.

Kelly said...

Well I think this sums it up pretty well. Love the picture, too!

I love books!!

erin said...

i laugh a little at your label, insanity reigns in the swamps:)

it never ceases to astound me, the power that words hold. it is a strange and awesome power.


erin said...

oh, this from charles wright:

"I used to think the power of words was inexhaustible,

That how we said the world

was how it was and how it would be.

I used to imagine that word-sway and word-thunder

would silence the Silence and all that,

that words were the Word,

that language could lead us inexplicably to grace,

as though it were geographical.

I used to think these things when I was young.

I still do.”


Marion said...

Such awesome words from my favorite people!! Thanks for the Charles Wright, Erin. Yes, the swamps are insane this year...the snow, the snow, the ice...usually by this time we've mowed the lawn, swatted mosquitoes and picked our first Narcissus and Daffodils and have Iris beginning to bloom. This year, dead everything and (thank God) no mosquitoes. I'm just hoping the dragonfly babies weren't frozen to death under the ice. :-) I love you all. xoxo