Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First Snow, Kerhonkson by Diane di Prima

Blizzard once again in the swamps today.
Neighborhood boy headed for the only hill with his wooden 'sled'.

Let it snow.  The deep South is a winter wonderland for the second time in a week.  Unheard of!  We sit and read and look up often, staring in wonder...  xo
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First Snow, Kerhonkson

By Diane di Prima b. 1934     
for Alan
This, then, is the gift the world has given me
(you have given me)
softly the snow
cupped in hollows
lying on the surface of the pond
matching my long white candles
which stand at the window
which will burn at dusk while the snow
fills up our valley
this hollow
no friend will wander down
no one arriving brown from Mexico
from the sunfields of California, bearing pot
they are scattered now, dead or silent
or blasted to madness
by the howling brightness of our once common vision
and this gift of yours—
white silence filling the contours of my life.
Diane di Prima, “First Snow, Kerhonkson” from Pieces of a Song.

"Pieces of a Song" by the amazing Diane di Prima.


WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

An interesting post that I enjoyed reading. They've forcast snow for here in England. Liked the poem.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Ruth Mowry said...

Marion, I was not familiar with this poet. The poem is beautiful, mysterious, and reflects how I love snow and winter. It can be gentle, and it can be brutal, as it has been here in Michigan. But I still love it (and fear it a bit).

Kelly said...

Twice (and a good amount of it, at that!) in one week. Amazing, Marion. Just amazing!

Marion said...

Thanks, Andrew. I hope you enjoy your snow. Ours is slowly melting today. I'm going to miss it!! xo

Ruth, Diane is one of the beat poets. We mostly hear of the men (Kerouac, etc.) of that era, but I was fortunate to find an entire book, "Women of the Beat Generation" by Brenda Knight, which was quite enlightening. Those so-called 'dharma bums' would not have had much of the freedom they so eloquently wrote about without the women behind them keeping the home fires burning, caring for the children, earning the money, etc. during that time. I love Diane's poetry along with Anne Waldman and many more. I highly recommend that anthology. It's eye-opening and enlightening. xo

Marion said...

Kelly, I know...twice!!! It's been like a wonderful gift from Mother Nature. It's slowly melting today, but still covering the yards and roads. By tomorrow it'll be melted, but I have a LOT of pics to remember it. xo