Saturday, November 2, 2013

Interiors by Stephen Dunn

Shadowscapes Tarot - The Queen of Swords (Artist:  Stephanie Pui-Man Law)
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"With her blade the Queen of Swords slices through lies and deceptions to the heart of truth. She is honesty and inner knowledge, sending forth her winged seekers into the world. They are an extension of her being and her soul.   The blinding white is the color of purity, honesty, clarity, uncompromised balance; but also of distance, and sometimes death, for sometimes to get to truth one must cast off the old to discard pretense and guile.  The Queen of Swords is an intelligent woman, loyal, witty, and humorous in her forthright way. She is valued for her accurate perceptions of the world around her, and her experiences.  In the language of flowers, purple dragon lilies are symbols of inner strength, and white chrysanthemums of truth." ~from
Shadowscapes Tarot - The Hanged Man (Artist:  Stephanie Pui-Man Law)
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"Letting go and surrendering to experience and emotional release. Accepting what is, and giving up control, reversing your view of the world and seeing things in a new light. Suspending action. Sacrifice." ~from
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By Stephen Dunn

In New Orleans, a Bed and Breakfast in a seamy part of
town.  Dentist’s chair the seat of honor in the living room.
Dark, the drapes closed, a lamp’s three-way bulb clicked just
once.  I’m inside someone’s version of inside.  All the guests
looking like they belong.  Muffled hilarity coming from one
of the other rooms.  Paintings everywhere, on the walls, the
floor.  Painted by the proprietress who, on the side, reads the
Tarot.  In her long black gown she doesn’t mind telling me
things look rather dismal.  Something about the Queen of
Swords and the Hanged Man.  I wake early the next morning
for a flight.  5 A.M.  She’s sitting in the dentist’s chair, reading a
book about the end of the century.  Says a man like me needs
a proper breakfast.  Wants to know everything I dreamed.
This, I tell her, I think I dreamed this.
From:  “Good Poems, American Places” selected by Garrison Keillor, page 125

Shotgun House, New Orleans
Heartbreak & betrayal.



Kelly said...

Lovely photos and artwork in your post today, Marion.

I've baked the past two weekends. You can guess what I had to try. ;)

Marion said...

Thanks, Kelly. Isn't this weather just awesome? I hope your cake was as good as mine was. But I had a dr. visit last week and almost fainted when I got on the more cake for me!!! OY! LOL! Thanks for stopping by, sweet friend. xo

erin said...

the world is so odd. chills run my arms. always with the confluence of events or ideas, imagination or story being prevalent for me right now. (i really really like this dunn poem.) but then i laugh at myself. of course, confluence! everything is one. nothing falls outside. there is nowhere outside for things to fall to.

(dragonflies, eh? i thought of you sunday. i went for a long run up the logging road out of town, heretofore known as the "tote road", you should know such things about me. it was cold, marion! frost was everywhere and stubborn. there was ice and wind. and yet i saw two moths. where on earth did they break from? a small pocket of warmth that very morning as the sun rose? i thought of you:)



Anonymous said...

I love Stephanie Piu-Man Law's work, and it combines nicely with Dunn's "Interiors." Lovely post.