Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In This January by Susan Goyette

I have no words of my own.  I am as mute as if someone had cut out my tongue, broken all of my fingers and stolen my voice.  Sorry. 



By Susan Goyette
From:  "The True Names of Birds", page 50

This must be the month when someone decided
to make months; to count sunsets and full moons and only give it
so much time.  And though Janus looks both ways, this January

is intent only on winter's face.  It cups and kisses it
on the forehead, on the eyelashes.  Why would winter
ever want to leave, if all that attention kept up.

I pass a half-built church on my walk every morning
and every morning I'm filled with envy thinking of the dreams
the people building it must have.  My dreams are shoeboxes

filled with bones from my feet.  When I wake it's with a mouthful
of mother-may-I's and the taunting of another day,
daring me to take a step as it pulls the walls up even higher.

No, it doesn't look both ways, it makes me do that.
This house is a maze of those bare walls, perfect
for showing home movies on.  And I am the projector.


"Antisthenes says that in a certain faraway land the cold is so intense that words freeze as soon as they are uttered, and after some time then thaw and become audible, so that words spoken in winter go unheard until the next summer." ~Plutarch, Moralia



Phoenix said...

I think most people hit their mute point in January. I know for me that it's been hard to blog, as I just sit there staring at the blank page.

Here's hoping spring will come along soon and loosen all our tongues.

Hugs and love.

Marion said...

Yes, you're probably right, Phoenix, my luminous friend. The sun is out today and it makes me happy. Thanks for stopping by. Love you!!! xo

Wine and Words said...

Any creativity I had is dead. I try not to stress about it. It's almost like I was given the gift of poetry for awhile, but I used it all up and the bottom is dry as brittle bones.

I love you my BFF. So glad the sun made you happy today. Good ol vitamin D :)

Serena said...

You'll get your voice back before you know it. Meanwhile, I love this January selection.

Anonymous said...

Marion, You will need your tongue for many a thing I do believe. Come over here for a sec, I have to show you something, muahahahaha.

Snowy said...

I loved the Plutarch quote. I hope the winter has turned more to your liking.