Tuesday, April 17, 2012

House, Garden, Madness by Cate Marvin

Yet another collaged page from an old journal.  I was listening to Stevie Nicks while I made it.  :-)

It's been over two years since I posted this poem.  I love Cate Marvin's book, "World's Tallest Disaster" and this is my favorite poem in the book.  I've been accused of having a bit of madness myself.  Just last week my sister and mother were discussing my sanity.  They think I'm going over the edge because I collect dolls.  Tee-hee.  Don't you just love family? 

Mad Marion

House, Garden, Madness 
By Cate Marvin

Meeting his mouth made it so I had house again.
I called him garden and drew him so, grew
his long lashes like grasses so I could comb
them with my stare. Some evenings a low cloud
would arrive, hang its anxiety over the yard.

Having his mouth at mine again gave me back
home. The walls painted themselves blue
flowers grew larger than my head, stared
at me with wide eyes through the windows.
I was surrounded. A cloud stretched gray arms.

His mouth and mine again built something back
up with heat. The house was home again, wherever
I lived. The flowers grew fat, fed on weeds
around them. Ladybugs tucked their red luck
beneath petals' chins. The cloud came home again.

His eyes were closed but mine kept swinging open.
I saw him in the garden, surrounded by its light.
The flowers cut their own stalks, handed themselves
over to him in bunches. He kissed their bouquets,
and petals raptured. A cloud lowered, dark with fury.

I pressed my mouth to palm, closed my eyes
to find the garden, then saw: window shut in fright,
roots drowned, flower stalks broken, their heads dead
in puddles. Startled, I looked around. The cloud
descended, prepared to hemorrhage in my arms.

From: "Poetry Daily", page 173
first published in The Paris Review, no. 158, Spring, Summer 2001
also from "World's Tallest Disaster" by Cate Marvin


The Frankie-Stein Monster Doll Sisters...striking a pose.


"Today I felt pass over me
A breath of wind from the wings of madness."

~Charles Baudelaire

"Sanity is very rare: every man almost, and every woman, has a dash of madness."
 ~Ralph Waldo Emerson



Kelly said...

I think your dolls are wonderful, Marion! I can just imagine what they'd think of me and my quirks!! I embrace my weirdness. :)

Ben Ditty said...

I love your dolls too! People probably think I'm mad because I collect gnomes. The two on my bookcase are avoiding eye contact right now. So shy they are!

Marion said...

Kelly, I do embrace my insane ways. This poetry thing totally confuses my entire family. Not one of them likes poetry, cousins included. I guess I was just the lucky chosen one. Tee-Hee....xo

Ben, my dolls thank you. They said gnomes are cool creatures and so are you. ;-) xo

Wine and Words said...

Dolls creep me out, as you know...which could be equally insane, since I am a girl afterall LOL! You are so uniquely YOU Marion! There is no other, and certainly none can compare with the way you fill my heart dear friend.

Serena said...

Love the poem and the dolls, and am sending you a sympathetic head shake on the family deal. LOL.:)