Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lost by David Wagoner

I looked across the street to take a photo of the forest and this Blue Jay jumped into the shot.

By David Wagoner

Stand still. The trees ahead and bushes beside you
are not lost. Wherever you are is called Here,
and you must treat it as a powerful stranger,
must ask permission to know it and be known.
The forest breathes. Listen. It answers,
I have made this place around you.
If you leave it, you must come back again, saying Here.
No two trees are the same to Raven.
No two branches are the same to Wren.
If what a tree or a bush does is lost on you,
you are surely lost. Stand still. The forest knows
where you are. You must let it find you.

My Blythe dolls, P. J. and Annie Marie, enjoying the Spring weather.


Kelly said...

Wonderful poem, Marion!

Nice to see you here today and know you didn't wash away this week. :)

Ben Ditty said...

You have the most beautiful things. Phobias aside, I still think a gnome would spice things up.

Wine and Words said...

How I would love to enjoy the spring weather with you. At the moment I am hibernating in my friggin apartment being assaulted by my neighbors ridiculous garbage mouths, loud and exaggerated by drinking. OMG. I hate it when it gets like this. ARRRRRGH!

Anonymous said...

That bird is a camera whore!

Eric (Bubba) Alder said...

Hi, Marion! Just wanted to drop you a comment to let you know I'm still around and still reading your posts, I just don't always get time to comment too. But today I was fortunate to not only comment, but to invite you to participate in a question meme for which I got tagged! :)

If it's not your thing, I understand, but just in case...

Cait O'Connor said...

As another poetryaholic I am so pleased to have found your blog, today's poem is wonderful. I am off to read more.

erin said...

i'm startled time and time again by how much wisdom a tree has. i love this poem, marion, the powerful stranger, the permission, the who finds who. thank you for sharing it.


Laura said...

I have loved this poem for some time now. I was happy to run across it tonight; I really needed it. Peace, Laura