Sunday, January 15, 2012

Who It Is Accuses Us by Linda Pastan

Blythe, my tiny window sill doll.
Who It Is Accuses Us
By Linda Pastan
Who it is accuses us of safety,
as if the family were soldiers
instead of hostages,
as if the gardens were not mined
with explosive peonies,
as if the most common death
were not by household accident?
We have chosen the dangerous life.
Consider the pale necks of the children
under their colored head scarves,
the skin around the husband's eyes, flayed
by guilt and promises.
You who risk no more than your own skins
I tell you household Gods
are jealous Gods.
They will cover your window sills
with the dust of sunsets;
they will poison your secret wells
with longing.
From:  "Waiting For My Life" by Linda Pastan, page 34
Madness abounds at Casa Dragonfly.  We picked up Mama on Thursday.  Yesterday Ray had to take her to the ER for a bad cough and chest congestion.  Thankfully, she only needed medicine and is doing better today.  My nephew's house caught on fire and again, thankfully, he was nearby when the electrical fire started and was able to put it out with minimum damage.'s all about timing.  Had it happened in the middle of the night, they might have lost their lives...  All this made me think of the poem above.  I'm still deep into the Dark Tower series and loving every single word. 
So far, Winter seems to have missed us here in the swamps.  Today I saw a butterfly and a lady bug when I was outside.  I've never seen either in January.  My neighbor's vain Narcissus are blooming prolifically. 
I hope it's warm and toasty where you are.  :-)
Back to my reading. 
"My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot."  ~Ashleigh Brilliant


Kelly said...

I'm glad both the fire and your Mama's illness didn't end up being really serious. I've missed you, but just assumed you were immersed in your books. :)

We've had a lot of warm days, but some really cold nights, even dipping into the mid-20s. Brrr!

Wine and Words said...

I've been praying for Mama. I love this poem! It was warm-ish for a bit today, but then the winds came up like an angry swell and I'm staying put inside. I always thank God for walls when the wind kicks up like this.

Love you sweet friend.

quid said...

January's passing us by here, as well. I swatted a mosquito today (I never!). Hope Mama slows down and gets well, and I'm thankful for the outcome of the fire. Sorry about LSU and the Saints. Sigh.


Serena said...

Holy moly, girl, you've had lots of excitement going on. Thankfully, it's all ended well. As you say ... timing. I personally think I need a new timing belt or something; my timing has definitely been off.:)

Love your little Blythe. So cute!

Ben Ditty said...

Ooo so happy for a shiny, new post and poem :)

Phoenix said...

Beautiful poem, Marion. "Who it is accuses us of safety" might be one of the best opening lines of a poem I have ever read.

I'm glad everyone is safe and sound in your family, and here's hoping they stay that way for a very, very long time.

I've missed your posts very much and I'm glad I could catch up today with such a beautiful post.

And for the record - it's 70 degrees and sunny here in LA, but then, it almost always is. ;)

Ed Pilolla said...

i thought there were rainbow tunnels under the peonies.

Wander said...

I liked this poem, thanks!

erin said...

these words strike, marion, We have chosen the dangerous life. it is to know that all life is the dangerous life. that said, i still hope the best for you and yours, especially your mama.))