Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Moon by Robert Bly

Hazy moon, tangled in trees by Marion.

The Moon
Robert Bly

After writing poems all day,
I go off to see the moon in the pines.
Far in the woods I sit down against a pine.
The moon has her porches turned to face the light,
But the deep part of her house is in the darkness.


Dear August:

Goodbye, au revoir, farewell.

Piss off,

Dearest September:

I eagerly await your imminent cool arrival.

Truly yours,


Wine and Words said...

I'm looking at my ass on the flood, as I have just laughed it off! PISS OFF. Oh, I love you so much Marion. Please come. Look for a cheap flight. Maybe I can pay. Visit me in the fall.

Marion said...

Annie, you crack me up. (This friggin' over 100 heat is killing me!) I've got to visit my gypsy daughter in Nashville at her new place first. I miss my grandbabies!!! But you're on my list, for sure!! xoxo

Ben Ditty said...

I've never been to Louisiana but everyone I know that's been there tells stories of the heat.

Marion said...

Ben, on the bright side, the high humidity gives us Southern belles great, youthful, dewy skin. On the not so bright side, the heat is like childbirth...you forget how bad it is until it hits you again. LOL! xo

Serena said...

I adore the moon, never mind that full ones tend to turn me into a raving maniac these days. Still, you can't gaze upon her blazing glory without a sense of complete awe. You tell it to that suffocating witch named August, girlie.:)

Ed Pilolla said...

i love your intimate irreverence so much:)

audrey said...

Marion, you are the best. I love your ability to say so much in so few words.
I totally agree with your sentiments.
♥ audrey

Marion said...

SJ, I learned many things from you, a fellow Southern Belle princess. xo

Ed, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate you. xo

Ed Pilolla said...

i won't forget summer sashaying her fat ass into your home for a drink:)

Marion said...

Audrey, thank for stopping by. After today, SEPTEMBER! Yea!! xo

Ed, and I'm glad she's sashaying her big, fat ass OUT sooner than later... and I'm glad you read your comments. LOL! xo

erin said...

enough already, eh? ya, me too. bring me to fall.

sorry marion, it's already a cool 54 at night here. can you imagine. see! this is what happens. you get tomatos in april and we get snow in october:) (but it doesn't stick 'til nov/dec)

be well
hope that iron and wine cd plays
(it might be formatted as an mp3)

much love, marion

Marion said...

So funny and startling! I hope September will be far cooler and nicer for you, Marion. Of course, you could be up here in the interior of BC, where it froze again this morning, leaving flowers a bit the worse for wear. We're heading into Winter too soon for my liking, especially since there was little Summer weather.

I don't think I will forget your letter to August. I love it! xx

Shauna said...

Dear Marion,

Your mind and heart are amazing.
I adore your blog that is pushing all of my why-I-love-poetry buttons.

Emma is adorable - the rescued-
always seem to be - waiting for only
us and all.

Little Mary looks beautiful and spirited.

"...they need someone to be Jesus
to them..." OH YEAH - and that I'm
sure is what God had in mine - each of us taking the time to be
Jesus to someone else.