Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Night Poems" By Ben Ditmars

One of my favorite bloggers in blogland is Ben Ditty (Ditmars).  "Night Poems" is his new book of poetry and I'm sharing my review which I just posted at Amazon.  Trust me, if you buy this book, it'll be the best damned dollar you EVER spent.  I love, love, love it and highly recommend it.  I say this often, but I'll say it again:  SUPPORT POETS:  BUY POETRY!!! 

Here's Ben's blog link:

And this is my review:

Unmasking the night from gloaming to dawn, Ben Ditmars' "Night Poems" shimmer and shine like sky diamonds in the black velvety heavens. From silvery moonlight references to a magical firefly's elusive glimmer, each and every poem illuminates the mind's dark corners and startle in their beauty and lucidity.

I thoroughly enjoyed each of the 29 short poems, titled with a time. One of my favorite poems is "02:20:

"a night so dead
the lights are off
playing footsie with the moon somewhere
beneath the clouds.

dim paths will unwind themselves as
street signs stretch and yawn."

If you like heartfelt, sincere, vibrant poetry, then you'll love these gems by Mr. Ditmars. I highly recommend "Night Poems". I can't wait to read more of his awesome poetry.


Ben, you ARE da man!!!  I hope you sell a gazillion books!



"You will find poetry nowhere unless you bring some of it with you."  ~Joseph Joubert


Poetry, like the moon, does not advertise anything.  ~William Blissett



Ben Ditty said...

OOOooOOO my heart melted when I read your review :D <3 <3 Thank you so much, Marion. I'm honored beyond words and so happy you liked it :D

Kelly said...

Well how about that! I'll have to check this out since you know I always trust your judgement in poetry, Marion.

Hmmm... think that line about playing footsie with the moon swayed you any? :)

erin said...

marion:) more poetry to put on my list. an endorsement from you goes a long way.


quid said...

New poet to me...although I've seen him on your blog. This looks wonderful!


Serena said...

Good for Ben! It sounds terrific.