Thursday, July 21, 2011

Frenzy by Anne Sexton

One of my collaged composition books.

by Annie Sexton

I am not lazy.
I am on the amphetamine of the soul.
I am, each day,
typing out the God
my typewriter believes in.
Very quick. Very intense,
like a wolf at a live heart.
Not lazy.
When a lazy man, they say,
looks toward heaven,
the angels close the windows.

Oh angels,
keep the windows open
so that I may reach in
and steal each object,
objects that tell me the sea is not dying,
objects that tell me the dirt has a life-wish,
that the Christ who walked for me,
walked on true ground
and that this frenzy,
like bees stinging the heart all morning,
will keep the angels
with their windows open,
wide as an English bathtub.

From:  "The Complete Poems, Anne Sexton", page 466


erin said...

it seems like sexton is writing in defence of art. very quickly. very intensely. like a wolk at a live heart. and i believe her.

love the analogy of the English bathtub's width.


Terresa said...

I love your Anne Sexton posts this week. Frenzy is a poem that speaks - I hope the angels are listening.

Marion said...

Erin, yes. I believe her. This poem screams at me, but in a wonderful way. It says, "LIVE!" xoxo

Terresa, I stumbled upon this poem and just had to post it. I hadn't intended to post another Sexton, but there it is. :-) Blessings!

Kelly said...

I'm thinking you've posted that photo before - I absolutely LOVE it!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I want to touch the collaged composition book! Is it now filled with your ideas, phrases, fragments, fulsome prose and poetry? Oh, to hold it in my hands, that would be lovely, like windows wide open.

Word verification: wiverspa: open marriage principles practiced in hot tubs.

Marion said...

Kelly, yes, it's a rerun photo. I wish I had your memory. LOL! xoxo

Katherine, I have dozens of full notebooks. Mostly altered art, quotes and the stray poem. Love your word verification. LOL! Blessings!

Kelly said...

Actually the memory is fairly shot, Marion. That's menopause for you!

I remembered it because it made such an impression on me. It would be a great cover for a poetry collection. You should self-publish and use that as your cover. I'd buy it!

Wine and Words said...

I have a twin of this collage book! So precious to me. Bees stinging the heart. Wow! That is exactly it, isn't it?

quid said...

The photo is extraordinary!

This poem interests me greatly. I think the first verse was potentially written at a different time than the second...the two vary so widely. Almost like two poems in one.