Saturday, May 29, 2010

Technical Difficulties :-(

:-(    I've been off line for a while due to computer problems at home.  I hope to be back online soon.  I really miss reading my daily blogs!!!

We're at the library today buying books.  :-)  Got some really great ones!

I hope you all have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Love & Blessings to Everyone,




Wine and Words said...

I miss you Marion. Come back to me. I feel like our lines have been cut and we drift. Love you friend!


Kelly said...

I've missed you!! Hope you're fixed up at home again soon!

Fireblossom said...

Hurry back, Marion!

Marion said...

Missing you, dear friend. I'm glad you posted about your problems with the computer and I will look for you when it's all fixed! Have a great weekend! xo

Carmen said...

and a very happy safe weekend to you too!

p.s. you are welcome!

Serena said...

So sorry you're having technical issues, hon. Hope you get it straightened out soon. Have a happy Memorial Day!:)

Terresa said...

Oh, hope your computer probs get fixed pronto!

I've been non-blogging this weekend, too. Enjoying family & friends & the 3 day weekend.

happy days!!

Gwei Mui said...

Hi Marion I loved your Poetry Buss poem.
My mother lived on lies,
but I picked up
the rhythms of Jubilate Agno by
Chistopher Smart and sank off
the town map,
I think that the above lines are my favourite and resonate the most with me personally.
Beautiful work - thank you

grete said...

Marion -

Sorry to hear about your problems. Nothing as annoying.

And so I’m tempted to make you smile with this small clip - about a computer who just keeps saying - no.....