Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moonlight's Dance, A Poem With Pictures

My majestic Moonflowers are ecstatic with our August weather: afternoon storms so they can open early in the cooler, cloudy false twilight and fabulous humidity for maximum blooming. They're vining like crazy---reaching toward the sky, tangled in the Morning Glories, choking the Elephant Ears and even crawling along the ground---it's as if they know they only have another month or so to flourish radiantly before Autumn arrives and magically transforms what was flowers into big, fat seed pods.

Me, I get melancholy in August. The flowers are starting to be all bloomed out, school starts, time is flying by like a runaway train, and I'm oh, so bone tired, body-weary and in daily pain with my pathetic bad back which is getting worse. I know, I'm whining, but I haven't whined all summer, so gimme a break! LOL!

I haven't been inspired, but I went outside anyway last night to photograph the full moon. (Oh, how she glowed in my windows, moonlight lying like ghostly carpet on my fake wood floors!!!) Boy, was I in for a wonderful surprise. I have a new camera, another Kodak EasyShare, but with more zoom and megapixels, so these are the first moon shots I've attempted. I put it on the Night Landscape setting and below are some of the crazybeautiful, stunning photographs.

It's like the Moonlady Herself knew I was down in the dumps and wanted to cheer me by playing with me on this hot, humid Summer night. There are many, many more amazing photos but I'm not posting them here because I don't want anyone to take them (I know, we all do it). I have no idea how I got these mind-blowing shots, but here they are with a little poem I eeked out with much sweating and effort. LOL! (I plan to work on it and add more to it when the Muse comes back. In the meantime, I'll be doing art to rest my brain.) I hope you enjoy them.

Blessings, Love & Peace---


Moonlight's Dance
By Marion L.

Went out last night to take
her picture, to capture her
in fullness of face.
She spun away in modesty,
saying she had no grace.

I snapped her as she
was turning---
She twisted her head to the right

All that appeared on my pictures
were trails of
her luminous, white light.

August 5, 2009, Full Moon


Char said...

I saw that moon last night--Beautiful!

Marion said...

Char, it was awesome, wasn't it? I could have stayed outside all night if the mosquitoes hadn't run me back inside. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings!!

Wine and Words said...

I loved your little poem which wrapped so perfectly around the images. Loved the phrasing of Ghostly moon carpet. Mostly I love picturing you in your garden. Sorry about the back Marion. I have an L5 herniation that I have to baby like I'm 85! It's so annoying when your body limits you, sooooo annoying. *sigh*

Marion said...

Annie, I feel your pain, really! I had back surgery a little over a year ago and it was a huge mistake. It only made it worse. Yes, I hate the limiting part most of all. I have to 'garden' sitting on a little kid chair and can only do light stuff. (My long-suffering husband does all the back work now.) I'm glad you liked my poem/pictures. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and Blessings!!

Judith Ellis said...

Beautiful, Marion! This is an all-around inspiring post. Thank you. Continue to press beyond feelings, dear sister, to purpose. In so doing, take care of you.

Marion said...

Thank you, sister-Judith, and I'll be sure to take your wise advice. Love & Blessings!!

Kelly said...

Was that why it was such a bad night for me??? I didn't realize it was the blasted full moon..... Well, that and the dogs (which are probably triggered by the moon, too!)

Love the poem and the pictures!

Karen said...

Gorgeous shots and verse!

So sorry for the bad back. I broke my foot in May of 2008, and I'm still whining! I just think this getting old is crappy. Period. On the other hand, I'm old enough to know how blessed I am.

Rikkij said...

Marion-Hi Sweetie! more moon stuff-no tomatoes. yay! I wonder how many of us in this little circle go out to commiserate with the moon and each other each night. Not sure the moon cares for grace. Just happy to be the fingers we clasp one to the other. ~rick

Marion said...

Thanks, Kelly-Karen-Rick. I appreciate y'all's faithfulness in visiting my blog. It really means a lot to me. I always wondered about my love of the full moon until I looked up the moon phase on my birth date/year: I was born under the full moon, the sign of Moonchild/Cancer. No wonder I'm the poster child for that sign! I got all the astrological symptoms AND a deep love of the Moon's mystery. When someone bad mouths the Moon, I want to bitch-slap them. LOL! Like it's my relative or something. Who me, moody?! Ha! Really, I love you all and do appreciate you.

Yes, Rick, it's just like a circle of hands, strong and loving hands, surrounding and protecting us, isn't it? Love to you, my soulfriend. Blessings---

Kelly said...

Yikes!!! I'll watch my mouth when it comes to the moon from now on.....

Marion said...

Ooooooh, Kelly, you KNOW I'm just being MOODY!!! LOL! ;-)

Delwyn said...

Hello Marion

I am sorry to hear that your back is troubling you. I hope you can rest up and recover...taking these unusual shots and writing your wonderful poems...

that moondancing was fun...

Happy days

kj said...

it's a nice habit i'm developing: visiting your blog.

i appreciate how well you SEE, marion. i think the universe decided to have a word through your camera.

i feel the same way about august. may and sept are my favorites.

btw, i sent you an email. did you get it?

love love

Angela Recada said...

Hi Marion! So sorry to hear about your bad back. I hope you find relief from your pain soon.

I absolutely love your poem and shots of the full moon. And that flower is incredible!

August is always a happy/sad month for me, too. Up here in Wisconsin, you can see how the angle of the sun is already looking more autumnal (love that word!). Summers are so short, and winters seem to go on forever up here. I've always wanted to visit Louisiana, it's on my short list of places I still have to experience.
I'm looking forward to seeing your papier mache project, if you do decide to do one.! The one I'm working on is my first attempt, and I LOVE IT!!!!! (So far!) I'm a bit intimidated by the thought of painting it, though.

Take care,

Woman in a Window said...

Marion, it is beautiful. Your photos, your poem, your spirit.

I walked late last night (one night post full moon) and I felt like I'd been abandoned by inspiration. I felt old and worn and pathetic. I was so sad. My feet were heavy. I felt them hit concrete. Only that.

And then when I rounded a corner and the moon was just high enough in the sky I saw it's silly pouted face just barely keeping her girth up above the trees. Instantly, it was as though a friend had touched me lightly on the shoulder, I smiled. What a silly fool I am. I no longer felt abandoned.

I took to the railroad tracks and walked out of town with the moonlight playing to the iron. And life was suddenly good.

quid said...

I love the way the poem and the pictures fit together seamlessly.


Marion said...

Thanks, all, for visiting. Blessings!