Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kim Addonizio - New Book & Fabulous Poem

Ms. Addonizio's newest book of poems is "Lucifer At The Starlight".

The First Line is the Deepest

I have been one acquainted with the spatula,
the slotted, scuffed, Teflon-coated spatula

that lifts a solitary hamburger from pan to plate,
acquainted with the vibrator known as the Pocket Rocket

and the dildo that goes by Tex,
and I have gone out, a drunken bitch,

in order to ruin
what love I was given,

and also I have measured out
my life in little pills—Zoloft,

Restoril, Celexa,

I have. For I am a poet. And it is my job, my duty
to know wherein lies the beauty

of this degraded body,
or maybe

it's the degradation in the beautiful body,
the ugly me

groping back to my desk to piss
on perfection, to lay my kiss

of mortal confusion
upon the mouth of infinite wisdom.

My kiss says razors and pain, my kiss says
America is charged with the madness

of God. Sundays, too,
the soldiers get up early, and put on their fatigues in the blue-

black day. Black milk. Black gold. Texas tea.
Into the valley of Halliburton rides the infantry—

Why does one month have to be the cruelest,
can't they all be equally cruel? I have seen the best

gamers of your generation, joysticking their M1 tanks through
the sewage-filled streets. Whose

world this is I think I know.



Margaret Pangert said...

I love her subtle references to other poetry. I guess I'm glad not to be troubled by life too much anymore, but I do miss the passion.

Rikkij said...

Marion-I really liked this. She sees with very honest eyes and lets it pour not just in the cup, but all over the table to floor. It soaks purely. ~rick

Marion said...

Yes, the references to other poets is what drew me to this one, too, and how she has the balls to say what we think, but don't write down. Most of her poetry is this way, beautifully brutal and honest. I have all of her books except for this new one.

Thanks for stopping by, Rick and Margaret. Love and Blessings!!

Wine and Words said...

Wow....dark. I loved it. Let it rain. I have a hard time appreciating the need to bottle it all up in a pretty sense, when the mess is so much more interesting. Truth is ugly and beauty. Rarely just one or the other I think.


Phoenix said...

Any references to Frost are cool with me! What a wonderful poem... thank you so much :)

Also: I want to punch Ted Hughes in the face. For some reason I can explain away any other poet's bad behavior (apparently ee cummings was a mean drunk, Bukowski was, well, Bukowski, Pound was a fairly racist man) but I can't forgive Hughes for taking Plath away for us, just as you noted. Grrrr...

Marion said...

Annie, I'm feelin' the dark today. Look out! LOL! Yes, truth is both brutal and beautiful! Blessings, friend!

Phoenix, don't you just love the way she took the Frost lines and rhythm and put her own words with them? It makes me want to try it. Yes, I do love the bad boy poets myself. Glad we share the same dislikes, though. Ha! Blessings!!

Kelly said...

I'm always open to other stuff.... but I still like her 'What Do Women Want' (and that RED dress!!)

Renee said...

I love your picture of Mary she is beautiful. Reminds me of when we were growing up and all said the rosary.

Love Renee xoxo

Marion said...

Kelly, I have to agree that "What Do Woman Want" is my favorite poem of hers. Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

Renee, thank you. I collect rosaries and I love pictures of Mary. Love, Hugs and Blessings, dearest friend of my heart---

S. said...

Oh, I like it here so very much. Thank you for the visit to mine and the path that led me here.