Thursday, June 9, 2016

My World, In Pictures

      Inklings Frog Princess, coloring art by Tanya Bond

              White Dinner Plate Hibiscus

                      Pink Dinner Plate Hibiscus

           Dark Pink/Red? Dinner Plate Hibiscus

                          Tiger-striped Dragonfly Friend

                        2016's First Moonflower


                              Fucking A

                            My new tee-shirt.  Not me wearing it!  Ha!!!

              Lovely Lavender, flowering

        New outfit for Blythe, petting her Unicorn.

                                          A favorite author...and book.


Kelly said...

Love this post, Marion! Great shot of the dragonfly and I love your doll's new outfit. :)

Marion said...

Thank you, Kelly!! We've had so much rain, my yard is exploding with happy flowers and dragonflies. xo