Saturday, September 12, 2015

Two Poems and Some of My September Bloomers!

    Zinnias fading on this breezy, humidless, gorgeous day.

   Cannas blooming wildly...again.  Such a faithful flower...

            Beautyberries shimmering...

            Rose being Rose...

        Crape Myrtle...

By Wendy Videlock

They are fleeting.
They are fragile.
They require

little water.
They’ll surprise you.
They’ll remind you

that they aren’t
and they are you.


By Joyce Sutphen

I feel older, younger, both
at once. Every time I win,
I lose. Every time I count,
I forget and must begin again.

I must begin again, and again I
must begin. Every time I lose,
I win and must begin again.

Everything I plan must wait, and
having to wait has made me old, and
the older I get, the more I wait, and everything
I’m waiting for has already been planned.

I feel sadder, wiser, neither
together. Everything is almost
true, and almost true is everywhere.
I feel sadder, wiser, neither at once.

I end in beginning, in ending I find
that beginning is the first thing to do.
I stop when I start, but my heart keeps on beating,
so I must go on starting in spite of the stopping.

I must stop my stopping and start to start—
I can end at the beginning or begin at the end.
I feel older, younger, both at once.

“Older, Younger, Both” from Coming Back to the Body by Joyce Sutphen. © 2000 by Joyce Sutphen.


audrey said...

Hi Marion.

Your flowers are lovely and SO colorful. I really like both poems, especially the second one. I can relate. LOL It was in the 70s here today, finally. OMG! I loved it. I am really very tired of the heat. It has been just too much too long this year. I hope this cool spell lasts.
Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting now and then. It does my heart good. There aren't many of us blogging anymore. I still enjoy it. As for comments - most people leave that for facebook now. I hope someday blogging will pick up again.
Have a beautiful Sunday, Marion.


Kelly said...

Lovely, lovely flowers, Marion. Our crape myrtle never flower very well.

Our Beautyberries are still pretty, though. I was just admiring them yesterday while composting. (there's one right next to my pile)

Marion said...

Audrey, I always enjoy your blog! You're right about Facebook, I think. I follow my family for the most part and that's about it. It just doesn't have the depth of blogging. I've noticed lots of folks I follow on Blogger have stopped, sadly. I can relate to the second poem, too, unfortunately. :-) Thanks for stopping by and commenting! xo

Thanks, Kelly. I'll let you in on our secret to the Crape Myrtle blooming: for the first time in ten(!) years, we cut it back severely in January to about only six feet tall and PRESTO! zillions of blooms this year for two months! And we did have a very wet Spring, which helped. I was scared to cut it so much, but all my research assured me it was what it needed and it worked. xo