Saturday, June 4, 2011

Whack Report by Kim Addonizio

Whack Report
By Kim Addonizio

A woman at the gym today said to her friend, Most people are whack.
Whack meaning crazy, displeasing, undesirable, stupid, of poor quality,
appalling, masturbatory, laid off, weird, or dead.
Most poets, as it turns out, are generally pretty whack
as in mentally ill. Anne Sexton, for example. Robert Lowell, also quite whack.
I myself am whack about sixty-seven percent of the time,
not counting nights and weekends, when it's more like eighty-two percent.
But let us focus on the beautiful wine glass, eighteen percent full
of sane, delightful, and intelligent fruit and acid. A whiff of rose petals.
Black cherry, pomegranate, cassis, devil's food cake. And limestone. Drink me
and taste my ooids, my hot buttered toast. For we must be ceaselessly whack
as in deranged said another whack poet who became a whack gun runner.
Guns are whack. Much of the world population experiences the whack factor
ninety-nine percent of the time, which can cause excessive thirst, diarrhea, death
and other side-effects. After a while, if you keep saying a word, it kind of loses
its meaning. Whack. Whack. Here come the weed whackers, beheading the grass.


Thanks, Kelly, for sending me this poem link. I have to admit that I, myself, march to the beat of a different drummer. There is no such thing as normal, IMO, and I'm happy to be whacked to the Nth degree.

Let your Freak Flag Fly proudly!!!

Marion :-)


Today I felt pass over me
A breath of wind from the wings of madness.
~Charles Baudelaire


"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." ~Robin Williams


"Might we not say to the confused voices which sometimes arise from the depths of our being: 'Ladies, be so kind as to speak only four at a time?'" ~Madame Swetchine


A little madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King.
~Emily Dickinson


"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained". ~Mark Twain



erin said...

Voaracious hugs
and just a little

love this, marion.


Janelle Goodwin said...

Visiting your blog is always a delight. Today's post tickled my funny bone. We all need to nurture and protect our wacky side!

quid said...

Whack as a noun! I love it!


Kelly said...

Naturally I thought of you when I saw this, Marion. Not that I think you're whacked, LOL, but because of the poet! Wait....I guess we're all a little whacked, aren't we!?

Fixing to make the hot trek to the mailbox. Wish me luck!!

Wine and Words said...

Taste my ooids???? Do I have those? Cooooool!!!! Ah Marion. My husband told me last night I was so far from normal, there was no return. Then he walked over and kissed me just cuz he "wanted to". Who the fuck wants to be anything but whacked? All the way baby! And I love you for the same. Oh, but that bit about the wine was nice. Yup. I like me my wine :)

Terresa said...

"Here come the weed whackers, beheading the grass." I like the repetition of "whack" - as well as the quotes by Robin Williams and Dickinson & Twain!! It's a mad, mad world...

Barbara said...