Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Longings of Women by Marge Piercy

The Longings of Women
By Marge Piercy

The longings of women:
butterflies beating against
ceilings painted blue like sky;
flies buzzing and thumping their heads
against the pane to get out.
They die and are swept off
in a feather duster.

The hopes of women are pinned
after cyanide by rows
labeled in Latin
the fragile wings fading.
The keeper speaks with melancholy
of how beautiful they were
as if he had not killed them.

The anger of women runs like small
brown ants you step on,
swarming in cracks in the pavement,
marching in long queues
through the foundation and inside,
nameless, for our names
are not yet our own.

Be we are many and hungry
and our teeth though small are sharp.
If we move together
there is no wall we cannot erode
dust-grain by speck, and the lion
when he lies down is prey
to the army of ants.

From: "My Mother's Body", page 95


Well, I can now post photos on my blog, but I'm having trouble commenting on the blogs of others. So I'm reading all of my regulars, but have been unable to comment on most for some reason. I just wanted to let y'all know. I'm here and reading!!!

We've had major storms here for the past few days, flash floods and high winds so I've had my computer off and unplugged. My yard is a mess, but we didn't have any wind damage, thank God. My cats have drug up 3 baby Copperhead snakes the past few weeks and one live crawfish. LOL! I may have to call Billy the Exterminator (from the tv show) who is good friends with my nephew in Bossier City if it keeps up. We've seldom had poisonous snakes around here and I'm worried where the baby-mama is living!! I'll keep y'all posted on the reptile situation.

I have to say that Marge Piercy is one of my very favorite poets and this book above is a favorite, a real treasure overflowing with fabulous poems! Support poets and buy poetry!!

Love & Blessings,


Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Great post, Marion! It fits right in with my recent Goddess-themed stuff.

As far as your posting problems, maybe you should try removing your computer's browser program and reloading it. (Just an idea)

TeaSea.Inc said...

I ran across your blog because I did a google search for Anne Sexton's "Addict." I too have a blog, I am a writer and I simply adore your posts, one of the more interesting ones I've come across so far.

Thanks for sharing,

Best -

Taryn (TeaSea.Inc)

Kelly said...

A perfect poem for the recent International Women's Day!

I watched that show (Billy the Exterminater) one time. Be sure and let me know if you call him and end up on an episode. I'll make sure to watch!!

Glad to know you're still reading even if you can't comment. I hope you can get that worked out soon! I miss you!!

erin said...

it's a wonderfully sad poem, marion. do we all feel so? is there always some sort of entrapment and i wonder if it is similar for men? perhaps more human than gender, although the line about not owning our names is rather potent for women alone.

poisonous snakes and you lol! only you, marion. only you.

hope the storms pass you soon and the copperheads all find comfy homes well enough away:)


quid said...

You blogged. Yay! Progress of sorts. Sounds like wild weather in the heartland. Take care.


ds said...

Angry and sad, but not resigned (our teeth are many and sharp). Still, that feeling of being pinned down, not owning our own names--our selves--is powerful stuff and sadly still true.

Hope the snakes go back where they belong; the rains, too.

audrey said...

Hi Marion.
Sorry you've been having issues with Blogger. It's the Blogger Monster who visits each of us at some time or another.
Not fair that you should have to deal with that and snakes, too! LOL!
I hope both situations clear up for you soon.
Nice poem.
♥ audrey

Marion said...

Thanks, Eric. Every day is Goddess Day here in the swamps. xo

Taryn, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. I'll check out your site today. I appreciate your kind words. Blessings!

Kelly, Billy is almost a family member up at my sister's house. I don't watch his show, but my nephew and his wife got to go and be on Dr. Oz in NYC with Billy due to a snake infestation at their house. LOL! Blessings!

Erin, yes, we all feel so from time to time. No, not only me, Erin on the snake thing. Here in the swamps of Louisiana, snakes are a daily thing in the Spring and Summer. I've had 5 MORE snakes just today, but they were the harmless kind, so I rescued them from my sweet kitties who LOVE bringing me these fun presents. Sigh. I am SOOOO LOVED! LOL! xoxoxo

Quid, I've missed you! I hope you didn't get our storms there in Tampa. Blessings!!

DS, thanks. Methinks the innocent snakes are being greatly disturbed by my 8 wiley cats. LOL!

Thanks for stopping by, Audrey. I'm hoping to get Blogger straight soon. Blessings!!

Terresa said...

Glad to see you posting again, what a worry, these blog issues!

I attended a local poetry reading/open mic night this week and read a few of my poems, it was a good thing and made me wish for the miracle of a day with blog friends (including you) to share our own words...

Marge Piercy is beloved, isn't she? This poem speaks.

Margaret Pangert said...

Hi Marion~
Hope your flood waters are receding! We got inundated here, too.
I love this poem. We have to be a community of women, and we can "if we move together."


Kass said...

Piercy is one of my favorites too. We should all be tall for all our longings.

Have you considered it may be your template that is giving you trouble?

Marion said...

So glad to see you blogging again, Marion...I've missed you and your awesome poets and poetry. I've heard about your huge storms on tv and I'm glad to hear you're alright.

I'd be worried about the mama copperhead as well...if your cats have found three, would there be more?

Take good care this weekend, Marion

Serena said...

Wow, that says it all. Terrific poem! Thank goodness you can blog with photos again. I hope all your Blogger issues get cleared up soon. I know how frustrating it is. Dang, watch out for those Copperheads! If there are babies, there's a big ol' mama snake somewhere. Yikes!:)

Laurie said...

Oh wow -- I wish you no varmints, but how much would I love to see Billy on your blog?! Answer: LOTS!!!!