Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dragonfly by Ed Pilolla

My BFF, Annie, gave me this book and it's awesome, just awesome, and not just because I love the title either. She and I had a fun-filled, fabulous visit for the four days she was here. I'll be blogging about it later...I'm still recuperating from all of our exciting, excellent adventures. :-)

Here is where you can find Ed’s Blog. I highly recommend that you buy the book. And here's one of my many favorite poems in the book:

Favorite Mug
By Ed Pilolla

Your day is like your favorite mug.
You fill it with the necessary stuff
to survive in this world.
Those days
let me be the seasoning.
Other days I get to fill it with your favorite brew
as well as mine,
vanilla and chai leaves and
inside jokes
and a dollop of raw honesty
and honey.

I will gently blow on your day
when it's too hot,
cup my hands to share in this warmth
and fill it with spirits along the way.
Never will I leave your mug
on the countertop with coffee grounds
at the bottom for days.

Don't judge me by my propensity to blast Van Halen
or how I casually enter the bathroom
to brush my teeth while you're peeing
and not pick up on that unhappy look on your face.
Judge me instead by how I thread my fingers through the handle
of your day,
lift the rim of your world to my lips
and drink in your story.

From: "Dragonfly" by Ed Pilolla, page 10


Wine and Words said...

*sniff*. I miss you my Marion. Could use your fingers through the handle of my mug.

erin said...

Can't imagine the time you guys shared. I'm happy for you both. And it's a great poem by Ed. Think I'll go by and take a look.

Missed you guys.


Kelly said...

I'm glad you had a great time and what a wonderful gift!

Serena said...

That's a wonderful poem. Can't wait to hear about your excellent adventures with your friend.:)

Terresa said...

"Judge me instead by how I thread my fingers through the handle
of your day,
lift the rim of your world to my lips
and drink in your story."

Such beauty, such words, thanks, Marion, for sharing Ed Pilolla!

Marian said...

oh i LOVE this, i raise my mug in salute! yes.

Phoenix said...

Amazing poem. I adore Ed's writing and poetry so much - I hadn't read this one before, thank you for sharing!

This post is full to the brim with my favorite people - you, Annie, Ed... :)

Margaret Pangert said...

That book still has to have special significance to you, Marion! Imagine: Dragonfly!
I love the poem. How wonderful to be reminded that we can choose to have a negative or a positive day, and then be told how to choose a postive one. So beautiful. Love ♥

Marion said...

Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments. I'm still having blog issues. Now I can post photos on my blog, but I can't comment on anyone else's blog. UGH!!!!

So I'm reading blogs, but unable to post comments on most of them. I appreciate you all.

Love & Blessings,

quid said...

What a wonderful time, and a great poem! Miss ya!


Laurie said...

Nice poem. 'Can't wait to hear about your fun!

Janelle Goodwin said...

Reading this poem made me feel all comfortable and warm. Lovely.

ed pilolla said...

i'm such an idiot i never saw this.
thanks for the kind words. made me feel so good. i'm so touched...