Thursday, December 9, 2010

In The Art Gallery By Susan Browne

'December's Blushing Rose' by Marion

In the Art Gallery
By Susan Browne

The painting of flowers
next to the painting of flames,
and I remember that time, years ago,
when the psychiatrist said, "You feel too much,
you are too sensitive, take these,"
giving me a bottle of pills.  I took them
to the beach, watched light become flame
on the water, and along the ragged cliffs,
small flowers like blue stars,
the world a painting
I couldn't live in.
I opened the bottle, then put it down,
pills spilling on the sand.
Waves carried the flames
and didn't mind the burning,
the arising from and disappearing
into the vastness.  I swam,
let the waves take me,
then treaded water, looking at the sky,
a silver tray full
of the most beautiful nothing.
I swam back, the water was black,
I could sink beyond caring,
but I wanted to live,
to be there
with the beauty and the burning
and let it be too much.

From:  "Buddha's Dogs" by Susan Browne, page 59

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"Poetry, like the moon, does not advertise anything." ~William Blissett


"Your prayer can be poetry, and poetry can be your prayer". ~Terri Guillemets



Kelly said...

The imagery in this poem is outstanding, Marion!

The photo is lovely, too. We've had some cold nights lately. How is your determined tomato plant handling it?

Snowbrush said...

The poem is very true, but I wondered if you know that from your own experience--do you? I took many kinds of anti-depressants for about a decade, and they did make life easier, but they also made life less rewarding. I suffered intensely for a long time when I gave them up, but I wouldn't go back.

Carol said...

I've been in this place too before in my life.

Carol-the gardener

Rick said...

really liked this
yes we should all let it be too much.
That's our error i think.
Really good

Marion said...

Kelly, it takes a spare queen size sheet to cover the big bastard, but it's still out there growing tomatoes. And you know what's funny? I saw a freaking BEE yesterday humming along, albeit slowly due to the cold, pollinating the few blooms still on it. How weird is that? In all my crazy life, I've never seen a honey bee in December...but I've never had a 'mater in December either. LOL! I love it! Thanks for stopping by. Love and blessings, my Razorback pal!

Snow, oh, yeah, I know this from experience, too. A few years back, every freaking doctor I saw (whether gynecologist, podiatrist or allergy specialist) wanted to prescribe antidepressants. No shit, no lie. I'm sure the fuckers own stock in Pfizer or whoever puts them out. I took Zoloft for about 3 months and those pills all but stole my soul...not to mention put 30 pounds on me. I have a sneaky suspicion that many Americans are overweight due to these poison pills being pushed everywhere. I flushed them and quit cold turkey which I do NOT recommend. (Almost lost what little mind I have.)

Get a copy of the January 2011 "Vanity Fair" magazine. It has a mind-blowing, fabulous investigative article on the Pharmaceutical Industry that left me dazed and not ever wanting to take ANY pill ever again!!! Thanks for stopping by my Mississippi by way of Oregon pal. I appreciate you! Blessings!

Carol, I know. Many of us have, unfortunately. Thanks for stopping in and commenting. I appreciate you. Blessings!

Rick, yes. I think that's a part of what makes us poets. The overflow of the feeling too much which we let fall onto the page. I love you and appreciate you, my trucking friend. I've really enjoyed your last few posts, too. They were awesome!!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Blessings!

Marion said...
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Snowbrush said...

I quit various ones a few times without a doctor's supervision. The last one I quit was Zoloft, which I had been on for years. It was a rough, rough go.


oh, wow, marion! incredible piece, lady! very moving - powerful!!! and your image, just magnificent! your blog is such a sanctuary of all things beautiful here! thank you!!!