Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who Has Seen the Wind?

One of my Willows. She loves to feel the wind in her hair.

By Christine Rossetti

Who has seen the wind?
Neither I nor you:

But when the leaves hang trembling
The wind is passing thro'.

Who has seen the wind?
Neither you nor I:

But when the trees bow down their heads
The wind is passing by.

Poems don't have to be long to be mind-blowing.  I memorized this poem in Jr. High and have said it in my head & heart thousands of times on windy days.  Like today.  It's not a breezy day, it's a blustery day, as Pooh would say.  The wind that you can hear singing & gossiping in the trees.  I love it.
Ray and I used to go camping all the time when the kids were still home. Once we went to this primitive area, just he and I. We decided to give each other Native American names the last day. I became "She Who Hears the Wind." Ray became "He Who Drops Weenie in Fire".  We still laugh about that.
We've had a few rare low-humidity days here in the Deep South with lows in the 60's at night and it's like waking in a fairy tale land after the oppressive heat & humidity we've had all summer.  (And O, O, O that August full mOOn the past few nights, how she has hypnotized me!)  My Moonflowers were out to worship her, perfuming the balmy night air.  I wish I could package their fragrance.  It's like no other scent on earth.  It's why I plant them year after year.  They're beautiful, but the scent is otherworldly.  
On that note, I'm going back outside before the wind dies down. 
Love & Blessings,
Silky, pristeen August Moonflower.
One of my Alliums

"Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather." ~John Ruskin

* * * * *

"There is a muscular energy in sunlight corresponding to the spiritual energy of wind." ~Annie Dillard

* * * * *

"To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring." ~George Santayana

* * * * *


quid said...

What a lovely willow! I loved Ray's nickname and am glad you've had a break in the high temp/humidity sweepstakes. Hopefully, it will move east and we'll get a little bit of that break in the action, as well.

I have not seen the "Who Has Seen the Wind?" poem since secondary school. What a lovely memory to see it again. Just think...we were probably reading it at the same time.



Eric Alder said...

That poem blows your mind? Blows, wind... I get it! (LOL!)

Go fly a kite, Marion!
(Just for fun, of course!) :)

DEFINITION: Something said after one has raised their glass and made too many already.

Wine and Words said...

How I love Pooh. Probably memorized more Pooh than anyone. Nice poem Marion, and the flowers are gorgeous. I'll be looking for that double moon tomorrow night.

Love you

Marion said...

Lynne, yes, I bet we even learned it from the same book. I hope the low humidity heads to Tampa just for you. Love & Blessings!

Eric, you always crack me up. (NO NUT JOKES!) LOL! Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your word verification definitions. Blessings!

Annie, I got mixed up and was out last night looking for the Moon/Mars meeting. I hope the clouds stay away so I can see them tonight, too. I'll think of us when I see it. ;-) Love & Blessings!

Opaque said...

Beautiful poem! I agree, poems needn't necessarily be long. A few words can blow you away!

Kelly said...

You made me happy on so many levels with this post, Marion!

I love that poem. Is that the same little willow that I use to make fun of for being so tiny and sad looking?? It looks great there!

I love Pooh and it's been pretty blustery around here the past few days, too. (and much more bearable heat-wise)

You photos are gorgeous and I wish you could send me some of that moonflower scent. Remind me next spring when it's time to plant them. I want to experience that pleasure again!!

Great post, "She Who Hears the Wind"!

Terresa said...

Every one of your posts speak to me in a unique way.

Loved the Santayana quote, and the Rossetti poem.

And I can imagine the scent of the moonflowers, the balmy air...

ds said...

I do love that poem by Christina Rossetti (like the one about colors, too). This is a lovely post, all around. Thank you.