Thursday, November 26, 2009

Olena Kalytiak Davis Poem Quote

"Today, I was blind sided. Neither pain, nor its powdered absence. Like most days. I became the kitchen sill. I'm simply saying what I always say: what is lace-winged cannot be strong."

~From Olena Kalytiak Davis's Poem: 'A Few Words For the Visitor in the Parlor' from her amazing book, "And Her Soul Out of Nothing"

I respectfully ask that you not copy my dragonfly photos that I share here. Any others I don't mind sharing, but these are my heart and soul and I'd rather you not copy them. Thank you for respecting my request.




Inky said...

This is a lovely photo, so this woman used this in her BOOK? well she should have asked you first, even paid YOU

Kelly said...

Nice quote and beautiful photo!

Hope you've had a great Thanksgiving.

raven said...


Thank you for sharing this quote and your beautiful photograph with us.

I will definitely respect your request, I will not copy anything from you or anyone else, and I understand how precious the dragonflies are to you.


Wine and Words said...

Loved the green and black markings on this royal creature. I disagree with the quote though. Laced wings can be strong. Strength in steel is unamazing and uninspired. Strength from delicacy...I have seen it. Magical. Rare.

Marion said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. Blessings!

Annie, I wish I had just 1/100th of the emotional and physical strength I had just 3 years ago. Pain is stealing my identity and my life. xoxo

Karen said...

Marion, I hope you feel the absence of pain and the strength of the lace wings.

Oh, and I'd never take your dragonflies -- they're you!

Woman in a Window said...

Did I ever send you that photo of my daugher and that dragonfly? I think I should. I do believe it might have been one of yours.

I love the string of consciousness in that quote. Whoa. Blowing me brain.

Phoenix said...

I gotta agree with Annie...sometimes what seems the most gentle and fragile is the also the most bullet proof.

I am so sorry that it seems as though pain is stealing your identity and your life. I wish I could offer comfort or solace but I know that when you are in pain it's hard to focus on anything beyond that moment.

Wishing you peace, my friend - and I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

RNSANE said...

Such a beautiful photo. I can relate to pain and the insidious way it take over our lives. Stength, my friend, to bear what comes your way. Thank you for enriching us with your beautiful photographs.