Sunday, February 5, 2017

Southern Winter

Southern Winter

Rain, rain, rain.

Humidity & teasingly
warm Southern air.
Ah, zone 9 winters,
so like life:  unpredictable.


Sadness & pain sandwiched
between the rain-plastered leaves
the Goji Berry bush.

Low, dark, menacing (tornado?)
The not-knowing,
the storm-fear---

season of death teasing life...
an annual event...
keeps you on your toes:


always pregnant with Spring
here in the South---
bulbs push skyward
before Christmas.

Tiny new leaves
sprouting at the
base of the Goji bush---

roots exposed from
brutal rains...

tied eternally together
from the moment
of conception.

Ouroboros alchemy/
cycles of samsara.

Born to die or
born to live?

Your choice.

By Marion


erin said...

when your poem sinks almost to slouching here, "Ah, zone 9 winters,
so like life: unpredictable" it packs great power.

choice choice choice. no matter what we're dealt.

you choose beautifully.

thank god regeneration is intrinsically a part of the cycle!

Marion said...

Yes, Erin. Every day is a painful battle, but we choose to keep on keeping on. Love you! xo

Kelly said...

I love this, Marion, and can totally relate to it in so many ways!

Marion said...

Thank you, Kelly. I hope you're doing okay, my friend. Love & hugs, xo